Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Email from me to Uberman:

So today started out awesome. I had an obscene call as soon as I sat down. This guy wanted me to talk about different products we offered so I asked what type of product was he interested in. He said "Just tell me about my options." So I start talking about the differences in personal and business and he starts going "Oooooh, oh. Oh. Oh." So I stop. And I knew something was not right. So I said "Sir, what are you looking for? Specifically." And he says "I'm just looking for something that sounds good to me." Weird right? But it's 5:00 in the morning and I am still not fully awake and these east coasters are odd ducks, so I start talking about products again and he starts with the "Oh" noises and so I stopped talking again. And he says "Oh no, don't stop." So I told him he was making me uncomfortable and I hung up. I feel like I need a shower. So how is your day?

Reply from Ubes:

My day is worse. I just got a call from a telemarketer. Asking about my internet. I feel so violated.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

And Oprah thinks she's so cool....

So you guys have all heard me talk about my friend Jovina. She's probably reading this so everyone say "Hi Jovina!"

(Hi Jovina!)

Well Jovina and I have been friends for like forever. More than 10 years. And of all my friends, I think Ubes is most likely to fantasize about Jovina. Not only because she is gorgeous, but because she is super duper organized. The girl has rubbermaid containers up the wazoo. And everything is alphabetized. She's amazing. Plus she is crafty as heck. (Like how I am trying not to use swear words? Jovina is super sweet and never ever uses bad words. I should be more like her.) Jovina sews and she makes fun crafty things, and she always has the latest and greatest in scrapbooking and craft supplies. All in designated rubbermaid containers.

(Stop rolling your eyes Jovina, you know it's true.)

But anyhoo, Jovina came up with this idea last year to hold an annual Favorite Things Party. You know, like Oprah. She invited something like 40 women to her house on a Sunday morning and asked them each to bring 2 favorite things. One of your favorite things was supposed to be a give away, that way every person who attended the party left with something fun. The point was to give other people fun ideas for holiday gifts, etc.

It's been a huge hit. We have had so much fun at these parties and you would not believe the amazing ideas people have.

So this year, Jovina wrote to the fine people at Purple Cows and told them how much she loved their laminator and how she was using it as one of her favorite things for her annual party. And guess what??? They sent her THIRTY laminators to give away.


I can't tell you how much fun it was, standing in front of all those women with our best Oprah voices shouting "Everyone gets a LAMINATOOORRRRRRR!! You get a laminator! And YOU get a laminator!!"

They also sent several products to give as door prizes! How cool are the people at Purple Cows? They made 30 moms, most of whom are crafty, some are teachers, some are even homeschoolers, very very happy. I want to buy more stuff from them just because they went out of their way to do that for us.

Here we are with our new laminators. How happy is this crowd? That's me (wearing glasses) in the front on the left. Jovina is the gorgeous redhead in the mint green shirt four people to my left.

So check out Purple Cows when you have a second, they are awesome. I just added their Melt Craft Iron and Gem Setting set to my Christmas list. I can't wait to start blinging everything I own. But don't stand still next to me. I will laminate you. You have been warned.