Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fantasies and Surprises

So last Monday, Uberman drops the bomb that he has graciously volunteered our house for his annual fantasy football draft. He gave me 5 days notice that our house would be invaded by 12 guys who take sports way too seriously. Of course I went into full on party planning mode. What kind of food should he serve? Should I go get cute football plates and napkins? Would the guys enjoy a plate of brownies and rice crispy treats?

And normally, Ubes just shrugs his shoulders and says he doesn't care. But this time was different. His biggest concern was having enough tables for the guys to sit at during the draft.


Why can't they just sit on the couch and the floor like always? But he explained they needed to spread out and some of them would have computers and a bunch of papers and blah blah blah... "Can you call my mom and see if we can borrow her card tables?"

I didn't get it. Why do twelve guys need five tables plus our kitchen table? And where was he going to put all those tables? I went through the whole week wondering what the heck was up with all the tables. I complained non stop about it. To my Ubes. To my MIL. To my friends. I couldn't understand why these guys couldn't just squeeze in. I even tried to talk him into telling everyone to go to a pizza place instead. No dice.

Saturday morning I got up and made sure the house was clean. Clean enough for a bunch of guys anyway. I made some dip and set out serving bowls for chips. I set out cups and paper plates and napkins and some two liters of coke. And then I got the hell out of there for a few hours. I went to my MIL's house to hang out and do my laundry. (Oh, did I tell you my dryer broke? Yeah. So not cool. I mean it is 17 years old, but still.)

Around 5:00, Junior said he was ready to go home so I told him to text his father to make sure the coast was clear. It was. So off we went back home, leaving Mac and Boo behind to spend the night with Granny.

When we came down our street, it was filled with cars. "Someone's having a party," Junior said. There were still cars in my driveway, which I recognized as friends from the fantasy draft. "Bummer," I said to Junior. "I was hoping they would be gone so we could go get some Mexican food. Mama needs a margarita some chips and salsa!"

And then I opened the door and walked in to my 40th Birthday Surprise Party.

I was in shock. And so touched that all of my favorite people were standing in front of me screaming "SURPRISE!!" My amazing husband went to so much trouble, making sure to invite everyone who mattered most to me. I'm till so blown away that he pulled it off. He enlisted the help of my good friends Brooke, Erin and Jovina, who took care of the yummy food and adorable decorations (y'all should see the banner Jovina made me from paint chips. The chick is unbelievable) and the most amazing cake you have ever seen.

Get it? It's my beloved watch!! Isn't it FABULOUS!!! I didn't want anyone to eat it because it was so pretty.

All in all, it was a perfect night. I missed those who could not come, but I was so beyond touched by all of the people who were there, and all of the thoughtful, beautiful gifts I received. I really do feel like I am one of the luckiest people in the world to have such amazing people in my life.

I am so excited about being 40. And so thankful for everyone who is sharing this time with me.


Chris H said...

You have a very clever husband to pull that off!

DevilsHeaven said...

That is so awesome!!! Happy Birthday!!!

DutchMac said...

You had my fantasy birthday! I would LOVE to have my nearest and dearest surprise me like that! You don't mind if I drag my darling husband (kicking and screaming) to read this post and learn a few tricks of the trade, would you?

Happy Birthday. I'm so glad you got to be spoiled in true royal fashion!

Chris said...

Pretty well done! I am glad your experience turning 40 was more pleasant than mine was -

always be happy!

WILLIAM said...

Happy Birthday. Ubes did good.

Wait ...did he have his draft? Who did he take in the first round.

Sue said...

What a wonderful surprise! You certainly deserve it! I hope your birthday is perfect.