Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I've been eating so much chicken lately I actually started clucking...

So Day 9 without Diet Coke. Can I get a hell yeah?? And even better? I don't really miss it. I am totally okay without it. Yes, I have been consuming a whole lot of iced green tea, but that is GOOD for you. Dr. Oz says so. And I believe EVERYTHING Dr. Oz says.

So I neglected to tell you all that I gave up SUGAR and CARBS at the same time. I know, right? What kind of crack was I smoking? And let's be honest, I totally wanted to take up smoking crack just to take the edge off. Are people even still smoking crack? Is that like, totally 1995? Did I just date myself? Whatever, it's hard to keep up man. Besides, I don't think I know anyone who openly does drugs. Unless you count all those moms at my kids' school who steal their kids' Ritalin. Oh what I wouldn't give for a child with ADHD.


But I digress. So I have been doing really well so far. I have not had the shakes and I haven't killed or harmed anyone. I know, right? Go me! But I did cheat a little on Sunday. Because ohmygod you guys, sometimes a girl just needs a red chili beef burrito, you know? And some chips and salsa. And maybe a beer. Just a large little one. (But it was happy hour and the large was TOTALLY a better deal.)(And how awesome is it that this restaurant has happy hour on a SUNDAY??)

And you know what? It was worth every calorie. Because the next day I felt rejuvenated and ready to get back on board with the no sugar-no carb-no diet coke-no fun diet. Because you know what is really no fun?

Heart disease.


High blood pressure.

Cottage cheese dimples in your thighs.

Being uncomfortable wearing sleeveless shirts because you're afraid if someone is unfortunate enough to be standing next to you while you reach for something you will totally knock them out with your enormous lunch lady arms.

That is no fun at all.


Chris H said...

Sadly I have enormous lunch lady arms.

and I could never give up diet coke. OMG How come you are still alive???

I got a migraine that lasted 6 whole weeks while I couldn't drink me diet coke!!!!

Paula said...

Yay for you! Keep it up. I haven't had my diet Coke in about six weeks. (ok, maybe I've had two in six weeks).

@Chris H - I do still have my cup of coffee every morning to eliminate the caffeine withdrawal headache.

I drink LOTS of water ..... (keeps me running to the potty!) and I've been eating better (though I havent cut out carbs!) and I've lost 11 pounds in six weeks and I feel much better (my knees are thanking me profusely).

We have a new gym in town and I had the guy show me which machine to use to work on those "bat wings"on the underside of my arms and I've been working extra hard on that machine! LOL.

If I've stuck it out for six weeks, I know anybody can do it. :-)

Trisha said...

Good for you! I know you can keep it up for good. Go girl, go!

DutchMac said...

Teach me, Yoda. The force is not strong within me, and I doubt I could ever give up my precious sugar and carbs. I'm afraid I shall always give in to The Dark Side, while you are the true Jedi Master.

Oh dear, is it depressingly obvious I live in a house with a six-year-old who's recently been introduced to Star Wars? Oh, the shame of it all!

Sue said...

I am SO proud of you! I've totally fallen off my diet wagon, and it's backed up and run me over a couple of times...of course the cruise didn't help...endless chocolate lava cake...midnight pizza, free 24 hour room service....CRAP, now I'm hungry!

Keep up the great work!