Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday. Even though it's Wednesday. Just go with it.

Borrowed from here.

There's some pretty heavy stuff going on around these parts. And I want to write about it because some times it's the only way I can process something. But I am not sure I can write about this because it doesn't just involve me. It's painful and complicated and confusing. And I'm struggling with a heavy heart right now. And I don't write a whole lot of the heavy stuff. But I just don't know if I can get through this without telling the story... So let's put it on the shelf for now and talk about some mindless nothings. Okay? Sound good? Are we cool??

Here we go....

Have you ever used Craig's List? I have looked at Craig's List for various items. And back when I worked for the He-Boss and She-Boss I used Craig's List to find tenants for their rental properties. But personally? I have never bought or sold anything on Craig's List. Ubes, on the other hand, is king of Craig's List.

Can you sew? Yes. A little. I can make really amazing baby things. And I can follow a pattern sort of, if it's easy. But I am too scared to hem anything and I probably couldn't do anything seriously complicated. But this is something I want to explore in the future. I would love to retake Home Ec. Or at least take a class of some kind. It's on my Bucket List.

Do you pour syrup on pancakes or dip pancakes in the syrup? Pour. Generously. And FYI, I eat my pancakes with peanut butter. Because it's delicious. Hey, don't yuck someone else's yum. (You can thank Katie for that piece of advice.)

Rain storms, love them or hate them? Love, love, LOVE THEM. Maybe because we don't get enough of them here in the desert? Or maybe because when we do get them, they are AMAZING. And kinda scary. But still, I love the rain and I love a gray day!

Do you like swimming? I do! My kids are fish too, so I love hanging out in the pool with them. Looking forward to that this summer fo sho.

What kind of drink do you order at Sonic? Um, duh. Diet Coke with vanilla. And I am still pissed at them for getting rid of their 99 cent drinks all day. I love my Diet Coke with vanilla but I am not willing to pay $2 for it.

Are you funny? I think we all know the answer to this. It is definitely a resounding NO.

At what age will your kids get cell phones? This is a good question. Junior is thirteen and has had a cell phone almost two years. He is responsible. And I love that I can always get a hold of him. So now, we will probably get one for Mac this summer. Mac made it through the whole school year without losing a jacket or a lunch box, this is a HUGE improvement for him. Plus he has had an iPod touch for two years and has never lost that. We'll see how it goes. But now that they are getting older and spending time at friends' houses, I think they should have phones for my piece of mind. Boo will get one in the 5th grade, because both boys will be in high school then and I don't like the idea of her being alone at school. And if you think I am being ridiculous, I will tell you that her friend Stella*, who is also in first grade, has an iPhone. And a Juicy Couture backpack. And a mom who drinks a lot, a dad who is never home, and a standing reservation at a rehab clinic in Tucson. Oh wow. Did I say that out loud?

What's your favorite vegetable? Artichokes. Love them.

Were you a Girl Scout? I was not a Girl Scout. But I was a Brownie. And I got kicked out of Brownies because I refused to wear that ugly uniform. Totally true story. Those people did not understand that I was a spring and would look like death warmed over in autumn colors. Springs do not look good in warm tones, people. That hideous yellow-gold turtle neck made me look like a washed out mess with a bad case of jaundice. And even at the tender of age of 8, I was not willing to compromise my fashion sense for a few cheap gold plated pins and a chance to sell some delicious cookies. No thank you. But let me tell you something. When I take over the world, one day very soon, I will demand that the Girl Scouts update their uniforms. Because OHMYGOD, no young girl should have to suffer bad fashion in order to sit in a circle and sing songs and do some crafts. Who will help me produce the PSA for this???

So yeah. There you have it. Ten on Tuesday. Which is really a Wednesday. And most of you will read this on a Thursday. But my next post is going to be a major bummer. You have been warned.

*not her real name, but it sounds an awful lot like that


kristen s said...

Dude! Peanut butter on pancakes is the bomb dizzle! Except I like to mix the peanut butter WITH the syrup and then pour all of the goodness on the pancakes together and then eat it all and lick the plate and make peace with myself about the whole fat/calorie/carb thing.

And yes, April... you're absolutely right. You're not funny. At all. In fact, when I was reading this, I actually answered that one for you out loud -- because, DUH, it's obvious. I would keep writing more about how completely UNfunny you are, but my head just exploded from the overuse of sarcasm and now I have to go clean up the mess. *eye roll*

"Intentionally Katie" said...

I'm so behind on my Google Reader, I'm just finally getting to this. I LOL at the "don't yuck someone else's yum" comment before I even saw my name. :)

And I have a ton of artichokes from the co-op that I'm dreading cooking b/c they're a pain and I don't appreciate them and I just end up hiding them in quiches. I should drive them over to your house!