Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So here's what's new...

Yeah I know, I have missed you too. Let's catch up with a few quick paragraphs, you wanna?

So I have this huge ugly bruise on my arm (I walked into a car mirror)(No I was NOT drinking at the time). It's all bluish greenish purplish yellowish. I know. Super sexy. And it's huge. Make a circle with your middle finger and thumb, like your doing the OK sign but with the wrong finger. Oh just do it, nobody is looking at you. Now separate your middle finger from the tip of your thumb by maybe a half an inch. Yeah. That's how big my bruise is. Yes, I actually measured it using the same method. It's totally scientific to do it that way. I read it in a book. Anyhoo, so I have this bruise. And for some reason, people who notice it immediately want to touch it. Seriously. Everyone who walks by me presses it to see if it hurts or something. So it just keeps getting bluer and greener and purpler. Which I know are really not words but I am in pain so I can say what I want.

My middle child went for a well visit at the pediatrician last week. We go to an office with many doctors so I'll make an appointment with any of them if it means I can get in sooner and at a time convenient for our schedule. So this time we happened to see a girl doctor. Mac didn't have a problem with it . . . at first. But when she told him to drop his pants so she could check for a hernia, his eyes about popped out of his head. I just sat there shaking my head and mouthing that I was sorry. The kid is 11, he has never had that experience before. So yeah, it was a little awkward. After the doctor left the room, Mac reached down and pulled up his pants and said "Well I certainly wasn't expecting THAT." The kid cracks me up.

So remember when I said I wanted to plan a vacation with a bunch of our couple friends? Well it's totally happening. We are going on a cruise in October to Cabo baby!! We're calling it the Cruise of Awesomeness. Actually I think I am the only one calling it that. Because it's gonna be awesome.

Our anniversary is this weekend. Seventeen years. WOW. Guess how we are celebrating? We're going to spend the day at the Arizona Canned Beer Festival. Oh yes my friends, 17 years and the magic is still happening. And I thought we would never top the romance of last year. Yeah that was one hot date. We saw MacGruber. And if you want tips on keeping the passion alive in your marriage, just send me an email. I mean obviously I am an expert.

Peace out my friends!


Trisha said...

Congrats on seventeen years of wedded bliss!

Chris said...

I laughed at least eleventeen times reading this post.

Barefeet In The Kitchen said...

Congrats on 17 years, April! Your doctor story totally made me laugh. Poor Mac!