Saturday, April 16, 2011

7 Day Challenge - Day 4: 7 favorite things

Well we all know how much I love stuff, right? i have a go-gillion favorite things. This is pretty serious, where to I begin?

1. Charming Charlies - Okay, if you haven't been yet, don't say I didn't warn you. An entire store of nothing but accessories. And not teenager accessories like a Claire's Boutique. I'm talking serious necklaces, earrings, bracelets, shoes, handbags, etc. for your inner diva. The prices are so amazing, your purse will have an orgasm. But that only makes it easier to justify buying more stuff. So needless to say, according to Ubes, I am no longer allowed to enter the store unsupervised.

2. Bracelets - I know this might seem redundant after talking about where to buy bracelets, but I get them everywhere. I rarely leave the house without wearing a few. I love them. LOVE THEM. And nothing warms my heart more than seeing my daughter mix and match her own. My favorites are my Coach Bangles, John Hardy Chain bracelets, and my Betsey Johnson rhinestone. Aaahhhh... I feel so pretty.

3. Netbook - I love my Acer Netbook. I can take it anywhere, it fits in my purse. The battery lasts forever and it makes me happy. iPad, shmipad. I'm happy with my netbook.

4. Flip Flops - I don't know why. Maybe it's convenience? Maybe because they are so cheap so you can always justify another pair? I live for my flippy floppies. Ask Uberman, he's constantly tripping over them. And I think I have about thirty pair. My faves are my black sparkly crystalled and my brown leopard print from the Gap.

5. Netflix - If you are not on Netflix, you are not living. That should totally be their motto. The documentaries alone are amazing. And all those British Costume Dramas???? Getting me through the pneumonia that won't die. Greatest discovery since TiVo.

6. Seattle's Best Vanilla Coffee - This is the brand carried in the cafeteria at work. I am pretty sure there is an addictive chemical in it, aside from the caffeine. I can not start my day without it. I top it off with a good long squirt of vanilla cream and 1 artificial sweetener packet. And then the day is mine.

7. Planning a party: I know this may not seem like a thing, but it's totally an activity right? I love planning a party. Love it so much that when other people I know are planning a party it takes everything I have not to just completely take over and shout "You're doing it wrong, Dumb Ass!" My 40th birthday is in September and I am seriously planning my own party so that when my husband realizes he is going to be sleeping on the couch indefinitely if he doesn't throw me a huge bash, he will have all my notes and instructions and the planning will be a piece of cake. I'll just have to work on pretending to be surprised. Is that weird? No? I didn't think so.

So those are my a few of my favorite things. Tomorrow, seven things I always carry. Burdens and grudges totally don't count.


Chris said...

You love planning a party? Wow, what a sicko :) LOL!

I despise flip-flops for no other reason other than the sound they make.

Travis David Suhr said...

We pick up at Charming Charlie's and you must have missed that memo when it got renamed Vaginaville.

I always warn any dudes before they go in there to make sure they get out within 5 minutes or they'll get their period and start farting glitter/sunshine/pumpkin spice cakes/whatever else girls fart.