Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 Day Challenge - Day 2: 7 Friends and where I met them....

Oh wowsers. This is gonna be hard. (That's what she said.)

How do I choose just seven? I mean I'm a lucky girl. I have oodles of awesome friends. What seven do I pick? Who's gonna feel left out? O in no particular order, and with no preference over anyone else, I give you seven random friends that pop into my mind....

1. Uberman - He's my best friend so he goes first. We met on my 15th birthday. He was 14. I know, I'm such a cradle robber. Needless to say, I was not impressed at first. I thought he was stuck up, rude, spoiled and obnoxious. But after a few years, a friendship grew and next thing you know, I'm head over heals for the guy. And still, almost 25 years later, he makes me weak in the knees. He's been working so hard lately, trying to build a business, going to school and taking care of me and the kids (so I can rest and get better). He's amazing.

2. Dee - My BFF. My soul sister. My heart. I've told you the story, we met in 9th grade PE. I had just moved to Arizona and hated it. It was a complete culture shock. I missed my friends. I missed my family. My attitude sucked. And somehow, she saw past all that. She found my sarcasm hilarious. And still now, I know I can count on her to laugh at my jokes first, and tell my why it was inappropriate (but still funny) later. She is one of the few people who truly gets me.

3. Travis - Used to be my best girlfriend at work. Until he quit and left me in hell all by myself. And now he is a brother to me. Plus, I know he is one of the very few people I can ask to help me hide a body. He won't ask questions. He won't judge. He'll just show up with a shovel, some Mountain Dew Code Red and make me play the "Who is more successful at the box office" game while we dig.

4. Erin - I met Erin at a Mommy Group at church more than five years ago. Erin's like a firework. She is beautiful and loud and sparkly and bright and she just fills your heart with joy. In the past three years, she has been there for me. Always willing to listen. Always up for breakfast and a trip to Charming Charlies. I love this girl with all my heart and soul.

5. Kristen S - We met at work almost twenty years ago. Yeah, I prejudged her because of her gorgeousness. I mean come one, she looks like petite Barbie. Like Alice in Wonderland, but with a truck driver mouth. We planned our weddings at the same time and traded ideas for photographers and florists. Later we became a team, training the masses to appreciate the importance of a Positive Memorable Customer Experience (PMCE). Our classes were legendary. And here we are, still doing our best to join forces to make the world a better place. Someday we will have our own talk show. You mark my words.

6. Raia - So when I met Raia, I was reading this book that I found in a box belonging to my then roommate. The box was full of stuff my roommate's mom was planning to get rid of at a garage sale. I picked this book, that I had never even heard of but thought looked interesting. It was just some ratty paperback written more than 20 years prior. A few days later, I went to Raias house for dinner with some other friends, and there on her coffee table was the same book! She was right in the middle of reading it too. How weird is that?? So, where would I be without my Raia? One of the few people I know who will be on my side no matter what. Oh, she'll tell me if she thinks I'm wrong, but she won't let on to anyone else. We met at work as well. A job that completely sucked. But it was better because we were there together. Hungover a lot of the time, I'm not gonna lie to you. We have had many adventures together. And many more to come.

7. Stacey - We met through her mom Karen, My Other Mother. Stacey was 15, I was 18. She is my ginger haired little sister. Now, all these years later, I talk to her almost every day. Text, facebook, phone, whatever. If I need to talk, I know she's there. Even though she is in TexASS and I am here. Fingers crossed, she and her family will be back here soon and then let the hijinks begin. I love you Stace-Face. (PS, You never let me know today whether or not you had to bring out the "big guns." Wink wink. Call me!)

Tomorrow! 7 things to do before you die. (This is fun. You should do it too!)

And PS, I feel bad I left out so many amazing people I have in my life -(Kenny, Karen, Ames, Diane, Katie, Jess, Bex, Flint, Jovina, Brooke, Kim, Wendy, Lisa J, Serena, The Teacher, The Best Man, Beth, Auntie B, Sarah, She She. I would shrivel up and die without these people.) (Seriously?? What is up with Blogger and the paragraph problem?????? ARE THEY TRYING TO MAKE ME CRAZY????)


Chris said...

1. The term is "Cougar"
2. Travis is a keeper, the fact that he'll bring his own shovel is major points - after all, who owns two shovels.
3. There is no 3.

April said...

What term is Cougar?

April said...

Forget it, I just figured out what you meant. I'm a moron these days. :)

Chris said...


kristen s said...

FIRST of all, I would like to say that Blogger is a dirty whore because I've tried to leave comments twice -- TWICE!!! -- and *poof* everything would disappear as soon as I'd hit 'publish'. W.....T.....F......?????

But secondly, I would like to know when you went back on the crack, April? Barbie is gonna sue you for libel! You are right about my truck driver mouth, though (I even shock myself sometimes... I need to sit in the corner with a bar of soap in my mouth), AND you are spot ON about our classes being legendary. No way that place ever found anyone to fill our shoes! Maybe now that Oprah's hittin' the road we can steal her time slot and her viewing audience? They'd totally like us better anyway....

And can I just say that I'm so glad you are funny and outgoing and talked to me at work all those years ago? Being a social phobe, I was WAY too intimidated by your moxy and cute shoes and cool hair to DARE speak to you first :)

p.s. My word verification is "nubyho"... I feel nasty just typing that!

Stacey said...

I made your list!!! I made your list!!! I'm SO excited! This made my year!! I'm grinning like an idiot! You like me, you REALLY like me!!

I have self-confidence issues, I realize this.

Oh April, how I heart thee. Isn't it weird that we met like forever ago and something warm and fuzzy lodged itself inside of both of us and all these years we are! Which reminds me I need to text you about this random and pretty fluffy chick who pulled a Mia Hamm and ripped her shirt off to stop some drunk guys head from bleeding at a bar we were at. Yeah...when we go out in Tex-ASS, we do it right.

Tex-ASS's days are numbered, my friend. And yes, I brought out the big guns. And they were fantastic. Signed, sealed, delivered...come this summer, I'm yours!

I realize this is from the previous post...but can I get in on the webcast with you and Kristin? If she's gonna be Gibby, can I be Sam? I think I have enough snark to pull her off. If I can't be her, then I want to be Spencer.