Monday, February 28, 2011

Random thoughts on a Monday. I suck at posting lately. I'm aware.

I'm sick of coughing. And I'm sure everyone around me is sick of listening to me cough. I sound like an 80 year old bingo player with a 5 pack a day habit. Or my aunt Melva. (If you are reading this and you know Aunt Melva, please do not tell her I said this because she will kick my ass and I am terrified of her.)(You would be too.)

Natalie Portman best actress?? Really Oscar?? I saw the Black Swan and I have to say I strongly disagree. The girl is awesome at crying on cue. But that does not a best actress make. Puh-leeeez.

Kudos on the choice of Colin Firth and The King's Speech. I heartily agree. I will be Mrs. Colin Firth in my next life. You will all be invited to the wedding. I will wear these shoes. You will all oohh and aahh and be really jealous of my shoes and new husband.

I think Charlie Sheen needs to SHUT UP. He and Lindsay Lohan should runaway together. To the Moon.

My in this life husband, the amazing Uberman, is making custom t-shirts. Email me if you are interested. No, really.

Are you guys watching Party Down on Netflix? If not, you are not as cool as I am.

Although, Travis hated Party Down. Travis has really bad taste in movies and TV shows. And also music. Travis loves Cold Play. Need I say more?

My puppies are cuter than your puppies.

Everyone I know is pregnant. If this is a contagious epidemic, I am going to be pissed.

I've been craving chocolate cake for two weeks. Fat camp sucks.

My kids have spring break in two weeks and I have the week off with them. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Okay this was fun. Let's do it again soon.


DevilsHeaven said...

You are STILL sick??? Have you been to the Dr????
Haven't seen any of the movies in the Oscars. *la sigh*

Chris said...

I just started watching Party Down on Netflix a few days, I for one, am as cool and proudly so :)

Jessie said...

I have not watched Party Down yet. But I did watch the entire first season of Drop Dead Diva and it was fabulous! Well, at least it was fab in my sleep-deprived state.

Not sure about the whole I'm-marrying-Colin-Firth thing cause I may just have to fight you for it. :) At the very least we should plan a Colin Firth extravaganza and watch a bunch of his stuff and eat healthy things like your mom's bundt cakes.

I hope you feel better, mucho quicko.