Sunday, January 2, 2011

Should old aquaintance be forgot...

Hello Lovers! And Happy New Year to each and every one of your sweet little faces!

I know last year I complained that 2009 just flew by, but holy buckets 2010 was a flash! I'm still kind of in shock over how quickly everything came and went, aren't you? And if you still have your Christmas tree up, let me hear a hellz yeah!


Seriously? I am the only one? I think some of us are lying.

So where do I begin?? 2010 was an amazing year. And when I say amazing, I mean it didn't suck. At all. I started the year with two resolutions:

1. Get a new job
2. Lose some chub

And guess what?? We have success, people!!

The new job is good. Not something I want to do forever, but definitely a million steps out of HELL and towards more opportunities in the future. My new boss is awesome. She actually does her job. I mean WOW! She listens to me. She provides constructive feedback. Sometimes if I ask her a question, she says "I don't know the answer, but I will find out." And then guess what?? She actually finds out! She will follow up with me usually the same day to give me an answer. And even better, it's the real answer. Not just some crazy crap she made up because she was too lazy to find out the actual answer. And, I have not once heard her make a racist or insensitive remark. And she never rubs her boobs on the male members of the team. Never. I know, right? Huge improvement from last year! (I would, however, really like a different schedule because working Sundays sucks. Even though I can go in looking like a hot mess in track pants, sweatshirt and my sparkly silver Converse. But that is my only complaint.)

And as for losing the chub, slowly but surely baby. I have lost over 20 pounds since August. I feel so much better and I am down almost two whole sizes. Ideally I need to lose 40 more. And that is my goal. 40 more pounds before my birthday in September. Totally doable. Especially since my in-laws gave me a pretty sweet bike for Christmas. I just hope it doesn't make my butt look big.

So let's talk about our New Year's Resolutions, shall we? This is what I intend to accomplish this year:

1. Lose 40 pounds
2. Start Running!
3. Organize the office. No really. I'm gonna do it. Stop laughing. Gosh, you guys are so rude.
4. Take a class (probably a writing class, maybe a Lit class, but something fun).
5. Read one book a month.
6. Clear the Netflix queue.
7. Convince myself that laundry has a shelf-life and fold it within 24 hours of pulling it from the dryer. Seriously. Stop with the eye rolling and snickering. Yes I see you. I am really going to do this. I'm not going to share things with you guys anymore if this is how you act.
8. Write more. At least two posts a week.
9. Stop rolling my eyes at my husband.
10. Work on being more empathetic. Because apparently I am not. At all. And I had no idea.

More about that and some other discoveries of 2010 in my next post. Happy New Year my fair readers! I am looking forward to hanging with you in 2011!


Julie said...

A bit of advice on the bike: Padded seat. You will thank me later. Trust me.

Or, you could totally ignore me and walk around for the few days after your bike ride feeling like you've been violated. Your choice.

Good luck with 2011! I look forward reading all your hilarious posts!

WILLIAM said...

Congrats on the lbs loss. Have you started running yet? Best way to get started is to just go out and run.

DevilsHeaven said...

Tree is still up, and MUST stay up until after the 7th. Hubby's orders.
I have no goals for 2011. Is that bad?

chandy said...

Here's what I've learned about running over the last couple of years:
1. The first mile is always hard
2. Running is more than physical...there is a huge mental component to running.

This is one of the many running blogs I enjoy...I find it very inspirational:

"Intentionally Katie" said...

You know I can help you with one of these...

I offered when I was PREGNANT WITH JASON 16-18 months ago...

Just sayin'...