Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Me, Dee and all things Disney

So April, how's that posting twice a week thing working out for ya? What about the running?? How many miles have you logged?

You guys are such haters.

But I have started cleaning up my office so HA HA! In your FACE!

I just got back from Disneyland. It was glorious. Don't tell Dee I told you this, but she turned 40 while we were there. I know, right? It totally happened. And she didn't spontaneously combust or anything.

The first time I ever went to Disneyland was with Dee. Did I ever tell you guys that? Well as you know, Dee and I met in 9th grade PE. We were paired up for badminton because our last names started with the same letter and we stood next to each other alphabetically in the line up. I am sure she was thrilled to have the new girl with the bad attitude as a partner, just as I was thrilled about getting stuck with the pretty little goody two shoes. But somehow, we were soul mates. She was the fric to my frac. We were opposite ends of the personality spectrum, but together we were a harmonious balance. We spent every weekend sleeping over at each other's houses from pretty much then on, until Dee ditched me by going off to college. Bitch.

But I digress.

For Dee's 17th birthday, her amazing dad took us to The Compass Room for dinner. The Compass Room was a pretty fancy shmancy place to go at the time. Maybe it still is, I don't know. I'm the mother of three. Chili's is as fancy as we get around these parts. So anyhoo, Tom, that's Dee's dad, took us to the Compass Room. It's a revolving restaurant at the top of the Hyatt hotel in downtown Phoenix. We had to get all dressed up and use manners and everything. It was pretty hot stuff.

So we are sitting there at dinner talking about various stuff that's fun to talk about when you are 16 & 17 and somehow it came up that I had never been to Disneyland.

"What?" Tom asked in complete shock. "Are you serious? How could you be 16 years old and have never been to Disneyland?"

It just wasn't anything we had ever been able to afford in my childhood. My kids have no idea how lucky they are, considering they have all been there a million times. But Tom just sat back in his seat and said "Well, we are gonna have to go. You need to go. So let's go. I'll call your parents and tell them I am taking you to Disneyland. We'll fly out on a Friday night and come home Sunday."

I just stared at him. It was that easy. We were just going to pack up and go to Disneyland for the weekend. By plane.

And we went. Two weeks later. We stayed in a fancy hotel in Hollywood because it was between Disneyland and Magic Mountain and he thought we might as well go to both since we were going to be so close and all. We spent the whole day Saturday in Disneyland. I was completely overwhelmed by the magic. I loved every moment, every ride, every attraction, every single solitary thing about that day. Especially the fact that Tom wore a Goofy hat the entire day. He sat on the curb with us on Main Street, eating ice cream and watching the parade. He went on every ride. He made sure that I saw all of the special little secrets about Disneyland that few people notice, like the golden spike under the castle at the entrance to Fantasy Land. That is the dead center of Disneyland. Did you know that?

It was a magical day. A magical trip that I have cherished forever. It started my love for all things Disney. And I have been back a million times since.

Last week we had the best time in Disneyland with our families: mine, Dee's and Tom's. Tom came with his wife and young daughter. Yep. Dee's little sister also turned 5 last week and this was her first trip to Disneyland as well. My little Boo had the best time riding rides and getting her face painted with her new friend Sassypants. It was like we went full circle.

So thank you Dee. For being my BFF for 25 years. For putting up with my crazy, for loving me even when I lose the train tickets, for sharing your amazing family with me, and for being the wind beneath my wings. I love you!

And thank you Tom. For being such a big part of my life. You're one of my heroes. Goofy hat and all.


Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh, I had no idea. I LOVE this story!!!!

WILLIAM said...

I love this story too.

Jessie said...

Awesome. It makes me like Dee even more! :)

Lauren said...

Sooo someone picked my blog for the Stylish Blogger Award, and what happens next is I pick my favorite 15 blogs and of course I picked yours as one of them! Go check it out to see :)

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow that's pretty spectacular to be able to just "go" like that. How cool that he took you :)

chandy said...

That's very cool! Maybe you can pay it forward with one of your kids' friends some day!

Andrea said...

I love this story! I never knew who started your love for all things Disney!