Sunday, October 10, 2010


I see him almost every morning. He's there as early as 4:45 some days. His bright green or baby blue Tom Cruise in Risky Business Ray-Bans clash with his dull brown security uniform. But no matter how early it is, how hot it is, or how many cars are lined up waiting for him, he is always smiling.

And no matter how tired I am, how weary, how grumpy to be up so early in the morning, he always gets me to smile back.

That has to be a sucky job, wouldn't you think? Standing there in a hot parking lot with no shade, checking badges as hundreds of crabby employees wait to get waved into the parking lot. I mean having to wear that ugly uniform is bad enough, right?

But still. There he is, smiling away. Looking all of us right in the eyes and wishing us a good morning. Despite the astounding monotony of his job, he still finds joy. He still brings joy.

I envy him. I aspire to be like him. His positive attitude reminds me every day to be thankful, to always give it my best, and to allow my actions to make a difference for someone.

And of course, to always accessorize.

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Chris H said...

He's a people person for sure. I bet he just loves his job, getting to say 'morning' to so many people. That's nice.