Friday, September 10, 2010

April in September

My mother named me April, despite the fact I was not born in April, but because she liked the name. I think it set the precedent for my need to be unique.

I'm superstitious. I had breakfast with Erin and Brooke today and Erin complimented my clear skin. Tonight I got a zit on my chin. I blame Erin. It's like she blew my no hitter.

Fat Camp is making me grouchy. I'm hungry. I want pancakes. With peanut butter and maple syrup. And a side of bacon.

I think people should have to give you a reason for dropping you from Facebook or Twitter. "I didn't want to be your friend anymore because I got sick of you talking about how funny your kids were." Fine. I'm a big girl. I can take that. "I stopped following you because you are boring and never have anything interesting to say." Thank you. I accept that and you are absolutely right. See? Isn't that so much better than wondering if you pissed someone off?

My potty mouth has gotten progressively worse in the last year. I am not proud of this but sometimes bad words do make you feel better. And Jesus knows my heart so stop judging me.

I am pretty sure my new schedule is going to make my life so much more amazing. Four tens. Sunday through Wednesday. Thursdays and Fridays in the house all by myself?? Hello Heaven. You sure smell nice.

I have been reading a lot lately. I love books. I love the way they smell. The way the pages sound when you turn them. The weight of it in my hands when I'm curled up on the couch or in my bed. When I was in the 6th grade I read a story by Isaac Asimov. It took place in the future, like all his stories do. It was about a girl who had never seen a book. Everything was electronic. All books were on a miniature TV. I thought that was ridiculous. I couldn't even imagine a world without books. And now I am scared this story will come true. I've decided I don't want a Kindle or a Nook or any of those things. I'm staying old school and sticking with books.

I think God was preoccupied when He made me. First of all, I should have been born in England. Secondly, He gave me two different ears, so somewhere out there I have an indentical ear twin. And He forgot that Stacey, Sarah and Kara T. were supposed to be my little sisters. Also He failed to equip me with a filter and a fast metabolism. But I am not complaining. He is God after all. And I am sure He has a plan.

I can't parallel park. If the fate of the world is dependent on my ability to park downtown, we are all going to die.

On Tuesday I turned 39. I wore red high heels to work to celebrate the occasion. I'm okay with 39. And I'm not afraid of 40 either.


Lo said...

I am with you.......I want books printed on paper to survive. Thee is nothing like a book you can hold and whose pages you can turn.

gotham Girl said...

I can't parallel park either! Too funny. And I'm with kindles for me. I want to hold and smell that book! Now that you have a couple of days how about writing more. :) I love it and look forward to it! :) GG

Sue said...

God also forgot that we are supposed to live closer to each other....

I love this post, and you. You are the coolest. Seriously.

Happy early birthday, you young thing you! 39 ain't nuthin'....wait til you are like me and have 47 staring you in the face. Yikes!

Red high heels to work? You are brave, and I'm sure you rocked them! Which again, is another reason I love you!! Heck, I feel fancy when I put my pink flip-flops with the sparklies on.

Have a great weekend, and an awesome birthday April. You certainly deserve it!


DutchMac said...

1. Happy Birthday
2. Having a potty mouth adds depth and diversity to your lexicon of language. (any excuse to use the word 'lexicon')
3. I'm soooooo with you on the books thing. Modern technology has given us such a 'false' world to live in...we need to hang on to every tangible piece of 'real' life possible!
4. Are you still coming this way in the near future? Drop me a line and let me know if I need to arrange us a little drinky-poo. I'd love to see those red heels.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday, late.
I turn 40 this year, too.
Books rock. Wish I had more time to read...

WILLIAM said...

Happy 40th. A year early.