Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Friends/Old Friends

At work I share a cubicle with a pretty cool chick. We'll call her Not Britney, because she looks just like Britney Spears but taller and plus size, so not totally like Britney Spears. Get it? And she can't sing. I asked.

I knew we were going to be great friends when she sat down at her desk one morning and said "I just have to say this. My boobs look amazing in this top."

We spend a lot of time talking and laughing and being shushed. It's awesome.

The following is an actual conversation Not Britney and I had this morning:

Me: Dude! This guy I just talked to? His last name was Dookie! It was so hard to say "Thank you Mr. Dookie" and keep a straight face. I had to put him on hold because I couldn't hold my giggles.

She: I heard you say Mr. Dookie and I started laughing.

Me: We are so immature.

She: Yeah, well at least you didn't have to talk to Mr. Glasscock. That was awkward.

I love her.

I have started a daily coffee habit. I was buying it every day, but over the weekend I realized I actually have a little coffee maker. I never ever make coffee at home unless my mom is staying the night with us and then she makes it for herself every morning. So I dug out my little 4 cupper and set the timer for the next morning and at 6:00 AM, POOF! Coffee! A coffee machine with a timer! Greatest invention EVER. I even bought my own fat free vanilla creamer for it.

The only problem? The insulated coffee mug thingie I use for my morning commute to work is the one I got at the Bank of Hell. And it has the Bank of Hell's logo on it. And I am pretty sure bad mojo is seeping into my coffee from it and I'll probably get some kind of cancer and die. And I hate that place and feel like such a hypocrite for drinking my delicious hazelnut vanilla coffee from it every morning. But it's the perfect size! And it keeps my coffee so nice and hot! And I hate myself for it.

So this morning I texted Travis my dilemma. Being a former Bank of Hell employee, I figured he would understand. This is our actual textversation:

Me: I have a new daily coffee habit. And I am drinking it out of my [Bank of Hell] mug every morning. I feel like such a hypocrite.

Trav: I have new daily heroin habit. And I use my [Bank of Hell] syringe to inject it every morning. But I don't feel bad because it's good heroin.
Trav: And I named my syringe [Banker Bitch Barbie] because it's plastic and empty.

I miss him.

I love that good or bad, my adventures as a working mom have brought amazing people into my life. I'm thankful.

And I'm a total of six pounds lighter. Cyber high five for Fat Campers everywhere!


chandy said...

I have a new work buddy too! She just moved in to the cube next to me and we IM each other sarcasm at regular intervals throughout the day and mock the people we don't like. Bless their hearts

Moderate Means said...

Okay, so I love your blog anyways, but Trav texting is a fabulous add-on. The whole "And I named my syringe [Banker Bitch Barbie] because it's plastic and empty." had me choking on my diet water. Seriously. If I can't find a way to pull that in my diabetes world then I don't deserve the snarky attitude I've finally perfected. Tell Trav thanks for the line!

And way to go on the weight loss!! Woohoo!!


Kristi said...

Get some paint and paint the insulated mug with lots of pretty, lovely flowers to cover up the Bank of Hell. To hell with them - they don't deserve your free advertising!

Awesome job on the 6 lbs woman!

Heather said...

Congrats on the 6lbs!

I have a bunch of really cool pens from various businesses. I've found that on most, either fingernail polish or 90+ % rubbing alcolhol removes the name of said businesses. On some it just melts the plastic and makes a really gross smudge, though...

Trisha said...

You just make me laugh! Glad to hear that you found a friend who understands you at work - that always makes work so much better!

Congrats on the 6 pounds!

The Maid said...


You know, 6 pounds is like a small newborn. You are one infant short of a nursery with your hot self! :)

Good for you. I hope you choke on a carrot stick.


Have a great week!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

It's hard not to be close to cool often spend more time with them than your own family! I totally cried when one co-worker quit to stay home with her first baby. I had no idea how much our daily chats meant to me, you know?

Oh, and Mike had a similar portable coffee mug issue years ago. He HATED that the thing was perfect and refused to get rid of it, even though it practically gave him heart palpitations every time he used the thing. I finally threw it out without telling him and spent his hard earned $7 on a new one. Which, of course, wasn't as perfect, but he was much nicer in the morning as a result. :)

Travis David Suhr said...

Dude. Totally miss you back.

Hayley said...

Well done on the weight loss babe, 6 pounds...whoo hoo so proud of you :)