Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I know. I hate it that I don't have time to blog anymore...

My oh my where do I begin?

Well you may have noticed I look a little different. I have actually lost three point four pounds thankyouverymuch.

It is hard. I hate it. I'm hungry. I am seriously considering eating my keyboard but I have no idea how many points it is. It's not in the book. I looked. Kim is doing awesome, too. However she does not ever look ugly for Fat Camp. I am pretty sure she is competing with me to be the hottest chick there. Bitch. But I did have a wonderful time with her yesterday plotting who we were going to run over in the parking lot for bragging about how much weight they had lost. One lady lost seven pounds! SEVEN!! In one week! So of course Kim and I hate her and have vowed to never be her friend.

I can totally picture Kim sitting at home reading this (Like how I totally assume my friends actually read my blog?? When they have to put up withe me in person?? I know! Hysterical!) and shaking her curly head and rolling her eyes going "I am not competing with you to be the hottest chick at Fat Camp, April. [LIAR!!] And I never vowed to hate anyone."

And she's right. We didn't vow to hate anyone, I was totally exaggerating. We did however discuss who each of us would run over in the parking lot when we left the meeting. (Is that right? Who? Or should I have used whom in that sentence? Still, I can never remember that rule. What a waste of time in Honors English. Should have been flirting with the boys like I did in French.)

Enough with the Fat Camp stories for today...

My babies started school yesterday and I had to miss it. I couldn't take them, Uberman had to. I was sad and devastated all day and felt like a crap mom. But because I am still in training, I couldn't take time off work. It sucked. My first year in 7 years that I haven't been able to make them pancakes and help them get ready. I still made pancakes, I just had to make them the night before. But still. Reheated pancakes on the first day of school? Sad. Just sad.

Apparently they were not too traumatized. They all had a fab day and were very excited to catch up with their friends, and in Boo's case, show off her new clothes. I'm in trouble with that girl. She loves fashion. I asked her what was her favorite part of her first day of first grade? She answered "My new clothes. I looked fabulous. Right down to my Twinkle Toes." Oy vay.

I will resume my Monday Interviews shortly. I just haven't had time to make them fabulous. I've been trying to spend less time on the computer. Unfortunately it's the blog that has suffered. And my Google Reader?? Holy Haysoos. I almost had a heart attack when I logged on a few days ago. Too overwhelming how many posts I have to read. Double Oy Vay.

Oh and I'm going to Europe in 72 days.

So what have you been up to?


Trisha said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I thought something looked different around here!

Your commentary on the meeting and the discussion about who to run over made me giggle uncontrollably!

Lucky you - going to Europe!

kristen s said...

April -- I'm pretty sure your loss is my gain. And I have to go to the freaking doctor tomorrow for a physical, where a 95 pound nurse will weigh me, and will then have to jump out of the way to save her own life when I faint at the sight of the number in front of me. Will you vow to hate the 95 pound nurse with me? Because I'd totally vow to hate a person of your choosing with you and you know it.

Oh, and you made me hungry for pancakes...and I think it's pretty clear I have no business eating such things right now. Jerk.

I still love you, though, April. Really, I do. Even if you are going to Europe without me :( *sniff*

Anonymous said...

有深道,要慢慢感受~~^^ 加油......................................................

WILLIAM said...

Congrats on the 3lbs. Awesome.