Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rediscovery. Is that even a word? Do I really care?

Being locked in a tiny room with 9 other people for 8 hours a day brings all of your issues right out in the open. Have you ever noticed that? So I am rediscovering a few things about myself. Things I knew, things you probably know. But let's go over them anyway. Mmmmkay?

I was born without a filter, a fast metabolism and patience.

I don't like it when someone else is wasting my time.

However, I am totally okay with wasting my own time.

I roll my eyes a lot. They are currently sore.

I like to look at people's shoes.

I am addicted to my phone and when I can't check my texts or send texts I get the shakes.

I drink an alarming amount of diet coke.

Summer in Arizona is hot.

I have zero tolerance for bullshit.

I don't enjoy it when people go "Mmmmmmmm...." while they are eating. Once maybe during the first few bites, but continuing this noise through the entire meal and you are just begging me to stab you in the neck with my fork.

Quiet people make me nervous. I don't know what they are thinking. But I am pretty sure they are afraid of me and/or think I am obnoxious.

I used to be photogenic. Not that I am saying I am gorgeous or anything, I mean I am okay and I have a pretty cute nose, but I used to take a decent picture. And now? Not so much. I got my badge at work today. I look really tired. And constipated. And fat. And like I just gave up and quit caring about my hair. And let's not even talk about my eyebrows. It's not good. My passport picture is still the worst picture ever, but at least it's hilarious. No really. I look at it sometimes just to put myself in a good mood. Hilarious! But rest assured I had on fabulous shoes. Too bad you can't see those in the picture.... Sigh. (And I really don't understand why the badge picture taking lady thought that was such a weird request, but whatever.)

I'm tired. 5:00 AM is freaking early.

I love it when you guys comment. It makes my day. Gives me something to look forward to when I am reunited with my phone. But no pressure or anything....


meowmomma... said...

oh NO, no comments yet! I'll give one out to ya! remember anything new is always stressful, so quit rolling your eyeballs girlie! you're only punishing yourself and you know everyone will be saying "you know who I'm talking about...that new girl who rolls her eyes all the time" so STOP it!

NO TEXTING STUFF WHILE YOU'RE DRIVING! No, I'm not really Oprah, but it is just too dangerous! I made my son promise!

I have the damn flu and I feel like crap! aches; temperature; sore throat. I don't need this right now!

nighty night

chandy said...

Quiet people make you nervous? really? I think I tend to be quiet...I wonder if that would freak you out? I wonder if I'm actually quiet in real life, or if that is just my perception of myself. I'll have to ask other people if they think I'm quiet.

And, uh....speaking of leaving comments on posts...haven't heard from you in quite a darn while!

The Fat Chick said...

I'm gonna comment more now that I know you love them. :)

Have I told you how much I love your blog?! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! - And your FB status updates? HILARIOUS!!

I'm a little confused however, are you working for another bank? or going to school to become a Teacher?

mwah xx

Heather said...

I have never been photogenic...
Your new job locks you in a tiny room? I don't think I'd like that job.

DevilsHeaven said...

You truly crack me up!!!
Stab away!! I know how you feel.

print girl inc said...

lol i think you just described me to a T.

Trisha said...

I take it that the training leaves a bit to be desired? I agree with you that other people wasting your time can be darn annoying. Of course, if I am wasting THEIR time - that is just plain fun.

Don't worry about the badge - they always look like passports pictures. I had ONE good badge picture - which of course was on the badge that I promptly LOST. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Comments are a good thing.

I feel like making an effort with my hair is just too much... effort. And I always get up and go 'hey, my hair's OK'. Then I get into a lecture and all the other girls seem to have access to a 24/7 shower and blow-dry facility that works while you sleep. I hate them.

Kristi said...

I love you! You are beautiful! Badge-photo-takers don't know what they are doing - it's like the DMV, only worse!

Have a great Friday!

Anonymous said...
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Caitlin said...

You should see the picture on my ID badge at work. My hair is literally double in size due to it being August in DC when said picture was taken. Even more charming is the dazed look on my face and the fact that it is used in the company directory. CHARMING. I am taking a picture of it with my phone to send to you.

Anyone who says "mmmmmmm" throughout a meal should be arrested for making love to an animal. I mean, that's basically what they're doing...provided they're not vegetarian.

Chris H said...

YOu could be my twin.. I swear to god!

Anonymous said...
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