Monday, June 21, 2010

An Interview: Stacey!

So I have decided Mondays will be Monday Interview Day! YAY!!! I know you guys are so excited about my new series. And it was totally not created out of boredom and/or writer's block. Ahem.

This week, I have interviewed one of my BFF's, the lovely Stacey of La Vida De Redish. I have known Stacey for almost twenty years, she is my surrogate sister and I heart her dearly. So sit back, relax and prepare to be entertained....

Me: So, Stace. Welcome to my new interview series.

Stacey: Thank you! I am so excited. This is such a great idea.

Me: Is it dumb? It's dumb isn't it? Would you tell me if it was a stupid idea?

Stacey: Yes I would tell you! And no it's not dumb. Your interview with Ubes was hilarious.

Me: So then what’s it like being friends with someone who has this level of awesomeness?

Stacey: It’s a tough act to follow. Big shoes. But always fabulous shoes.

Me: Thank you! So your husband Scotty is quite the hottie. What’s it like being married to such a handsome man?

Stacey: It has its moments of being awesome, but sometimes I’m like “Okay chick, I’m sitting right here. Enough with the staring.” And here I am his chubby wife.

Me: Stop it, you are beautiful. But I understand where you are coming from. I always feel that away about Uberman too. Like when I meet people he works with or something I wonder if they feel sorry for him because his wife is fluffy. You guys have been married for 12 years. What’s your secret to success?

Stacey: Don’t be afraid to argue. I think it’s crazy that people try to strive for perfection. I’d rather be real and have arguments and then go out to dinner and get over it. Especially the going out to dinner part.

Me: So true! I feel the same way. This is why I love you. You like to eat. So what’s your favorite food?

Stacey: Sushi.

Me: Really? I can’t do it.

Stacey: You’re missing out. Only two things we disagree on, Beyonce and Sushi.

Me: I probably don’t like them for the same reasons. Cold and slimy and neither can sing. What’s your favorite accessory?

Stacey: Purses. They always fit.

Me: Ha! That is awesome. I love that.

Stacey: They never betray you.

Me: Word. So true. You’re a pretty fashion savvy chick. As a redhead, are there things that inhibit you from wearing what you want?

Stacey: Yes, there are colors I can’t wear. Obviously orange is out. I would love to wear pink and I can’t. Can’t do khaki or beige, it disappears on me. But I’m loving these flow-y peasant tops that are in right now. A few years ago when it was all tight t-shirts, that was a nightmare.

Me: I feel you there sister. Speaking of sisters, what’s it like being the oldest of three?

My sisters are awesome. I couldn't ask for anything better. It is kind of overwhelming being sisters with two girls who are so incredibly gorgeous and beautiful. That’s where the self esteem issues come in.

Me: What are you talking about? You are all GORGEOUS. You are too hard on yourself. And your sister Nikki is just a freak, no one can compete with that level of beauty. But I think she has something bad somewhere, like a big hairy mole on her back or something. Otherwise it’s just unfair.

Stacey: True! So true! My sisters are my best friends. We are a close crazy family and I am very protective of them. And they are of me. That’s the way it should be.

Me: Your mom is one of the most amazing women I have ever known. What is the most important thing you learned from her?

Stacey: She raised me to be independent and strong willed. She always says she raised us not to take crap from anyone. And we don’t. I’m not the girl that sits back and says “Oh that screw needs to be tightened, I need to wait for my husband to do it.” I’m going to do it myself. I don’t need to wait for anyone to do something for me. If there is a problem, I take care of it myself. I mean I can’t change my oil or anything but I do what I can.

Me: That’s why God invented Jiffy Lube. Your family is in the middle of a pretty major crisis. Your nephew Jack is battling cancer. (Jack was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in March of this year. You can read his blog here.) And he’s just a baby. But one thing I notice about all of you is that you stay positive. You guys aren't standing there feeling sorry for yourselves and asking why this is happening. No one is questioning God or saying woe is me. Laurie is always so positive about how wonderful he is doing and asking for prayers for all the other children they have met in the hospital. You guys are just so thankful all the time. I think anyone in your situation has a right to a little self pity, but you guys don’t give in. How do you do it?

Stacey: We question why. We have days where we wonder why this is happening. But this whole experience has opened our eyes to what people really go through. I used to get emails forwarded to me about other kids going through the same thing and I would think “Oh that’s sad!” And then I wouldn't think about it again. But now I am the one forwarding these messages and I am expecting people to get on their knees and pray. It has opened our eyes to how selfish we can be and how thankful we need to be for every little thing. We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support we have received from strangers. And for Zac and Laurie to meet all of these parents who are going through the same thing has helped them cope. I mean this is their child. Their baby. He’s my nephew and I love him, but at the end of the day I have no idea what my sister is going through or what she is feeling. They have met people that are unfortunate enough to have this in common, and we are so thankful for the support they get.

Me: How is Jack doing?

He’s doing very well. He just finished round 5 of chemotherapy and his levels are really good. Normally right now he would be getting platelets but his levels are so great he doesn't need them.

Me: So what’s next with his treatment?

Stacey: He has his next x-ray June 28th to see if the tumor in his chest is operable. If it is, they will probably remove it that Wednesday, which is June 30th. After that, there’s more chemo and then bone scans to see if it’s pulling out of his bones. In August or September he will have 30 to 60 days in the hospital in isolation while he goes through a stem cell transplant. We won’t even be able to visit him at that time, only Zac and Laurie can be with him then.

Me: If there are people who are reading this and want to help, what can they do?

Stacey: They can go to and click on donate. The medical bills are enormous. They have insurance, but it doesn't cover everything. He has coinsurance and out of pocket costs and he has already surpassed one quarter of his life time max in three months. That, to me, is terrifying. And they have to pay all his prescriptions out of pocket. The costs are just horrendous. Every dollar helps. Also Loco Patron in Scottsdale is hosting a Casino night June 24 at 8:30 PM and all proceeds will go to the Jack Morton Foundation. One hundred percent of the donations benefit Jack’s continuing care. Everyone should go out there and have a great time! (You can also join the Facebook group I’m Praying for Jack! We are trying to get 1000 members! Come on, help us out!!)

Me: Stacey, I love you. Why do you think we get along so well?

Stacey: Because we are so alike. My mom was your work mom. She raised you at work and she raised me at home. We are the same. So it’s all because of Mom.

Me: I totally agree.

I remember when you stayed with us when Mom and Dad went out of town once. I thought you were so school because you had that teal green Geo Storm.

Me: I know! The only thing cooler than the teal green Geo Storm was my red Miata. But I was so jealous when your mom bought you the Jeep.

Stacey: Hey I made the payments on that! But I was pretty bad ass with my red jeep and cow print seat covers. And the scrunchy on the gear shift.

Me: I always had a scrunchy on my gear shift too! We were so cool!

Stacey: That’s why we are friends. Obviously.

Thank you Stacey! For taking the time to talk to me, for indulging my ridiculous whims, and for being such an amazing friend. I cherish you and I wish you didn't live so far away. Can't wait to see you next month!! Mmmwah! (That was supposed to be a kiss but now that I am looking at it, it just looks stupid. But you get the general idea.)
I have other interviews all lined up! If you are willing to be interviewed, send me an email! I love talking to anyone and everyone. Unless you're creepy. In that case, no thanks.


Stacey said...

I heart you, too.

kristen s said...

Purses are my favorite too!!! I'm obsessed. Like April, however, I can't do sushi either -- or Beyonce. *vomits*

And I want to thank you both for the update on Jack. I think about his sweet face pretty much every day. He sounds like such a little rock star. If prayers from strangers help -- he's got a steady supply coming from me!