Friday, May 7, 2010

The Can

So the other day Ubes and I are in the Total Wine. Ubes is doing a beer exchange with some guy in Philly and he was looking for beers that are only distributed on the west coast. I know. Beer geeks.

So after thirty hours several minutes of searching and half listening to me and my fascinating stories about the day, he was finally ready to go.

Ubes: You want to grab some Strongbow for you?
Me: Nah. Let's just go.
Ubes: You sure? We're here and they carry it.
Me: But they only have it in the bottle.
Ubes: So?
Me: I like it in the can.
Ubes (smiling): You what?
Me: I like it in the can.
Ubes (chuckling): You do?
Me: Yes, I do. I prefer it in the can.
Ubes (giggling): I didn't know that.
Me: How could you not know that?
Ubes (laughing): Well we have never discussed it.
Me: We've been married almost sixteen years and you didn't know I like it in the can?
Ubes: No. I had no idea.
Me: Well I do. I love it in the can. I only want it if it's in the can.
Ubes: (laughing, eyes watering, shoulders shaking)
Me: What? Oh wait... You are turning this into something dirty, aren't you?
Ubes: (cracking up out loud)

Boys are so gross.


Lauren said...

Lolololol that is sooo funny! No wonder Ubes and Danny got along so well! You guys are the cutest couple ever!

kristen s said...

You backed right into that one, April.... HA! see what I did there?

DevilsHeaven said...

April, you worm your way into my heart more each day. CIDER RULES. And if you like Strong Bow you should try Magners, the "Western" verison of Bulmers.
Nectar of the gods my friend.

WILLIAM said...

That is funny.

Anonymous said...