Monday, April 19, 2010

Musically Inclined

Me: We've been listening to this oldies station at work.
Uberman: Yeah? That sucks.
Me: No, it's actually cool. It's not the same oldies like when we were kids. Now the oldies are Journey, Boston, Billy Joel and post-Beatles Paul McCartney.
Ubes: Wings?
Me: I don't know, I've never heard of them.
Ubes: No, Wings is the band Paul McCartney started after the Beatles.
Me: Dude, who cares, we're talking about me here. Anyway. I like it. Except today they played that Bridge Over Troubled Water song and I wanted to kill myself.
Ubes: Simon and Bullwinkle.
Me: What?
Ubes: Never mind, that was supposed to be a joke.
Me: Can we focus here? That song is terrible. And then right after that they played the Time in a Bottle song.
Ubes: Well that's not old, why would they play that?
Me: Are you kidding? That song is way old. And it sucks.
Ubes: But why would they play Christina Aguillera on an oldies station?
Me: Dude. Are you messing with me again?
Ubes: No. Isn't she the one that sings that Time in a Bottle song?
Me: Um, no. That's "Genie in a Bottle." This one is "Time in a Bottle." No mention of genies in the whole song.
Ubes: Oh.
Me: Anyhoooooo. (Takes deep breath) I am just thankful they aren't playing the same five songs over and over. Not once did I hear Nickelback, Lady Ga Ga or Justin Beiber.
Ubes: Who's Justin Beaver?


Jennifer M. said...

Lol. This post made me laugh. I totally know what you mean. The Top 40 station here has been playing "oldies" during the lunch hour lately, which is so fun. It's all stuff that was popular when I was in high school (which is only like 15 years ago - can that really be considered "oldies"?). It's fun to have a little flash back every day.

The Fat Chick said...

EWWW Justin Beiber

I love your post (and your status updates)

Hope you have a good week

DevilsHeaven said...

Oh yeah. We have this conversation all the time in my house. Each of us is clueless about certain eras of music.