Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today is my 2 year Blogiversary. (Thunderous applause)

Yes, thank you. I think today I will treat my blog to a piece of cake and a new pair of shoes. Maybe a party dress. Everyone needs a good party dress, don't you agree?

I love this blog. I know that lately I have sucked at keeping it updated. And I know the past few months it has been more of a blahg, but that is where I have been recently, you know? It is important for me to keep it honest here. Gotta keep it real, yo? And life is not always rainbows and butterflies and diet coke with vanilla. Sometimes it's rain clouds and bullshit and assholes who don't know where Jamaica is. Explicit, but true. That's how life works. There's ups and downs and hills and valleys and good and bad and bitter and sweet. It's all about balance, y'all.

So here is what I am asking for from you. Because it's my special day and all. Leave me a comment, please. Wish me Happy Blogiversary or whatever. I am going to be a big girl and turn my comment moderation off. Come out of the shadows (I get an average 50 hits per day and three comments, some of you are lurking fo sho!), show yourselves. Tell me how you found me. Tell me what you think. I will respond back in the comments to all of you.

Thanks for being a part of my life. You are awesome. Yes you are! Don't be so humble, you are fabulous! 


Travis David Suhr said...


I enjoy reading your blog as much as you enjoy writing it. If you ever stop, I might cut you. Seriously. That's not a joke.

Stacey said...

Happy Blirthday to the Blog. It's almost as funny as you...almost. Love it, love you.

caroline said...

Happy Blogaversary! Love, love, love reading it. You never fail to brighten my day!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

I want to know if anyone found you when they meant to find aprilsreign.com...

Donna said...

Happy Blogiversary...I don't remember how I got here, but I know I've been reading for a long time just never comment. Sorry about that, but I check regularly cause I love your writting even when it's blah. Keep up the good work and have a good one.

Lo said...

Can't remember how I found you but I am SO glad I did. Happy Blog BD and many more, please.

The Fat Chick said...


Thanks for adding me on facey btw

Where do I begin trying to explain my love for this blog?! I love it! You make me laugh and want to play Bunco, you make me want to reach my arms through the computer screen to the other side and hug you! Don't ever leave us!!

=} xx

Anonymous said...

Don't know how I found you - but I enjoy your writing!! You sound like a fun, down-to-earth gal....

April said...

Trav - How dare you threaten me! You were the one who quit and left me to fend for myself every day. You suck and I'm still mad at you. But we are still on for lunch Friday! Thanks for being my little bro. Love ya!

Stacey - I love you with all of my heart and soul. You complete me. Even though you are cuter than I am and you have better boots.

Caroline - Nice to meet you! Thank you for brightening my day today!

Katiekins - I am pretty sure people are disappointed when they get here and there's no porn. Just a chubby girl complaining about all the stupid people she meets in life. Love you and can't wait to see you at Bunco!

Donna - thank you for taking the leap and commenting. It makes my heart smile, it really does! And I promise, less blah and more Boo-yah!

Lo - Thank you! And regardless of how you found me, I am glad you did!

Marie - I am SO glad we are friends! You inspire me! And you should TOTALLY start a bunco group! It is so much fun. Not so much the game, but the hanging out with girlfriends. These girls get me through the rough times. If I lived in NZ, I would so be in your group! :)

Anonymous - Thank you so much! And you are right, I am way fun. And down to earth. And totally adorable. Not to mention charming. And super humble. And glad you took the time to comment! ;)

Kristi said...

I just love you April. I love your honesty, outspokenness, love of shoes, and excellent story-telling ability. I don't think it's been blah at all - just honest and real and that is what I like. 50% of the time (if I'm lucky) my life is blah too!

Don't remember how I found you, but glad I did sweet girl! xoxo

Andrea said...

Happy, Happy Blogiversary!! I don't comment much on here, but have to tell you that I have laughed so hard reading this at times I have woken up my kids, cried and almost peed my pants. I love you and how transparent you are! And the ups and downs are real life. So glad you are a part of my life. :)

Girl Going Skinny said...

Happy Blogiversary hun! I'm so keen to start a Bunco group with Marie, (who btw is my twin sis, and now I'm going to add you on facebook) :) Wow what can I say about you April..
A= Amazing
P= Peeing myself laughing
R= Reliable
I= Interesting
L= Loveable

Ok, totally not my best work but its just a little something to show my appreciation :)

Love, Hayley :)

Heather said...

Happy Blogiversary!
I lurk regularly.
I think you rock.

April said...

Kristi - Did you find me or did I find you first? I can't even remember. Either way it was meant to be for us to "meet." Love ya!

Andrea - You are so funny! You know me in real life so most of this stuff you hear first hand. How are you not sick of me?

Hayley - Please add me on FB! I had no idea you guys were sisters but I used to get your blogs mixed up all the time. Now I know why. Duh.

Heather - Lurk away girl! But it is good to hear from you. I think you rock!

DevilsHeaven said...

YAY! 2 whole years!!! You go girl!!
I'm not a lurker, I love your blog and I can't remember how I found you, from someone else's blog I believe. And I am SOOOOOOOOO GLAD I DID!!!

WILLIAM said...

Happy Blogiversary. I try to read everyday but I limit my commetns to the less "valley" type of posts.

Blog On April.

Jessie said...

Happy B-Day, April, albeit Belatedly.

I love your blog. I am always just a little bit happier when I see you've posted. And before I know it I'm laughing my big 'ol booty off.

Love you, girl. So blessed to know you and call you friend.

kristen s said...

April, if you ever quit this blog, someone's going to have to talk me down from a ledge! Since I NEVER get to see you (I'll just pretend to ignore the little tidbit I read where it said you're having lunch with Travis on Friday even though *I* was your work buddy LONG before he was and it was you who left ME to fend for myself, but whatevs...) your blog is my way of keeping tabs on you. Not in a creepy stalker, Peeping Tom kind of way, but in a "Hmmm, I wonder what kind of fun stuff April has been up to?" kind of way. Plus, it's entertaining has hell. I don't comment every time - usually because I don't have the time, but I do always talk back to my computer screen while I'm reading it. For instance, I called you a dirty hooker when I read that you bought a Beyonce song.... did you hear me? Were your ears burning? ;)

I seriously love you though, and your blog is NEVER a blahg. In fact, the stuff that you probably think is blah is what entertains me the most. Now just keep writing and make time to go to lunch with MY chunky ass every now and again and I promise to stay off the ledge! How can you say no to that? I'm a mother of three! My safety is in your hands! My kids need their mother!

Julie said...

Happy Blogiversary. I love reading your blogs they totally crack me up and I can definitely relate to them!

Keep up with the great posts!

April said...

DH - You are always so supportive! Next time I'm in a bar fight with Beyonce I am looking to you for back up.

William - I heart you. I say this all the time but I wish you and Lauren lived next door. We would so be BFF. And then your Max could marry my Boo and we could be FAMILY!! Let's work on that!

Jess - You are my girl. I love that we are so different, yet so much alike. And even better, we have nothing but the highest respect for each other. Love you!

Kristen - Even though we rarely see each other, you are my BFF! I love you to a million pieces and you know it! It's your own fault for being a Scottsdale snob and living so far away. :) LUNCH!! I promise!! As soon as I have a full day off during the week!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Julie - I know, right? Who would have thunk it?? I have known you since you were a punk little kid and now we have so much in common. I am so proud of the woman you have become!! Love you girl!

DutchMac said...

Happy Blogiversary! I hope you celebrate in style with an indecent amount of fattening food and alcoholic drinks. Hey, any excuse, right? :-)

Here's hoping I can help you celebrate in person this autumn. Heaven knows, Holland has PLENTY of fattening food and alcoholic drinks!

Caitlin said...

OOoooooohhhhh APES. If I recall correctly, I found you through Rude Cactus not long after you started this blog (because I know we were BFF by summer 2008) (DID YOU HEAR THAT KRISTEN? I SAID APRIL AND I ARE BIFFLE MIFFLE BUDS.)

Anyway, I remember seeing your comment in Rude Cactus' comments, and you said something really funny, or maybe it was about breastfeeding - actually it was probably both - and I immediately came over here and asked you to marry me. But not in a CREEPY way. And you said yes, and here we are, two years of marital bliss later, THE END.

Love yiz guts.
Oh, and if you ever stop (or worse, become fake and pretend that you're not exactly where you are in life right now, hataz be damned) then I am joining Travis' gang and WE WILL CUTCHOO.

April said...

DutchMac - Yes! Drinks and fattening food in October! It's a date! Can't wait!

Caitlin - I am so happy to be married to you! Are you reading Travis' blog? Because you would LOVE it! And he's unfortunately a Sox fan. Sigh. You guys would be friends. Oh and he loves cake. See, now you are going to leave me for him. I just know it.

Book Girl said...

Let's see, how I found this blog starts back in 1984.... I like to think that I get some of my sarcastic spunk from you :)

I love reading it, I look forward to new posts and always laugh out loud. I miss you!!

Andrea said...

Love the girl, love the blog, love everything! Your blog is an inspiration April! You are funny and honest. You keep it real and I know everyone, regardless of whether or not they leave a comment, feels better after reading it!! And if they don't, then that is THEIR loss and we don't like them. Happy Blogiversary!

April said...

"Book Girl" - You think you got some of your sarcasm from me? Really? That is like the highest compliment you could have given me. I am so touched! I am just so relieved that after the torture of dealing with me as a babysitter for so many years, you STILL want to be my friend as an adult. You will always be my little sis.

Raia - Right back at ya baby! Thank you for being my ultimate BFF for 18 years. I know that no matter what, you always have my back and I have yours. I LOVE you!!

Teff Barchietto said...

happy 2 years and a week blogiversary. i hope i'm not too late. i don't know how i found you, probably just clicking "next blog" over and over. however, yours is interesting, amusing and preety honest and i like it. a lot =)
so, happy blogiversary again, take care. best wishes from Argentina :)

Kristi said...

Hmmm...I'm pretty sure I came to your blog from my book club buddy, Chandy's blog (McCarty Party), though it may have been via my other book club buddy Jessica (Valley of Sunshine).

I am definitely a lurker--I really enjoy your blog, but don't feel comfortable leaving comments for someone I don't know--yea, I'd rather be a creepy, secret lurker than a stranger who comments--go figure. (I have no problem commenting on blogs of people I know, in-real-life.)

Anyways, I think you are a fabulous blogger with great writing skills that really draw the reader into your world (and mind!). And, I love that you write about things many of us think, but are too afraid (or too much of a ninny) to say!

Happy blog-birthday!

April said...

Teff - Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate your kind words!

Kristi - How do we not know each other in real life you are hanging with cool chicks like Jess and Chandy? Thank you for lurking, I appreciate it! :)

Karen R said...

I'm late but have been offline for a bit. I met you when you were a little 18 year old with fluffy bangs and a voice like Minnie Mouse. I'll never forget the time you were talking to a pharmacist and he thought you were a child and asked if "they" knew you were on the phone! I still laugh over that. You are one in a million and I love you like you're my own kid. Happy Blogiversary! Keep it coming.

Cindy Anderson said...

April I just love love love your blog. I even save up reading it, so when I do I know there'll be something new and crisp and HONEST and laugh out loud funny. Some of your lookie-Lou's are probably friends of mine I forwarded your blog to because it was such a pick-me-up.

So, don't die of flu any time soon. Not just for Ubes, but for all the rest of us that just need a giggle fix every now and again.


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