Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I will probably regret this post, but . . . oh well.

So I had a really crappy day.

And the funny thing is I was going to sit down tonight and write a post about how things at work have been so much better. So much better that I was offered another job at a different bank and I turned them down. Yeah. I really did. Because I just didn't want to start over. Again. I mean let's not lie to each other. I am pushing 40 and I just started over in a totally new field at the bottom of the totem pole and a trained monkey could do this job. No, I'm serious. As a matter of fact, I have seen monkeys smarter than one of my coworkers. But that's a blog for another day. And it's gonna be a good one. Trust me.

Anyhoooooo.... So I didn't want to start over with seniority and proving myself and all that. I thought to myself "You know, things have been tolerable. If you can just stick it out, do your job, do the best job you can, someone will notice and you can move up." So I stayed.

And reality came around and smacked me right across the face. "Sucker!" it taunted, as it danced around me, laughing and pointing.

I'm done. So done. I don't even want to talk about it anymore.

But I got something good out of my crapfest of a day. Here's how it all went down.

The scene: Paradise Bakery
The goal: Salad and a cookie.

Me (approaching girl at the register): Oh Dude. Are you out of the good cookies?
She: Good cookies? They are all good.
Me: Chocolate chip. I need chocolate. Sugar cookies are doing nothing for me today.
She: Want me to grab you some from the back?
Me (impatiently): Um, YES.
She: (staring. shocked at my rudeness.)
Me: I'm sorry. I am having a terrible day.
She: Really? I'm so sorry. Why is it so bad?
Me: Because I work for a crazy woman. No really, she is a sociopath. I had my annual review today and I got a "below expectations" in teamwork. TEAMWORK.
She: Oh that sucks.
Me: Yeah. It does. I mean I show up everyday. I'm there. You know? I am the first to volunteer to do anything extra. I am more flexible than a Romanian gymnast. I never complain. I never say no. I just do it. Most of the time, I am the only one there, you know? I mean who does she think she is? She's crazy.
She: She sounds like it.
Me: Will I go to hell if I say I hope she dies in a fiery car crash?
She: No. Absolutely not. I think God knows.
Me: I hope so. (sighs heavily). So I need chocolate chips to take the pain away.
She: I totally get it.
(Leaves to grab cookies)
She: I got you two cookies and also a fudge brownie. And they are all on me.
Me: Oh no, you don't have to do that.
She: I want to. I like you. You're funny.
Me: Thanks. That's really nice. Your customer service skills are excellent.
She: Really? Thanks, that's really nice of you to say.
Me: Well it's not a free cookie, but it's something.
She: Do you want a drink?
Me: Yeah, diet coke. Duh.

The outcome: A positive memorable customer experience (PMCE) allowing me to forget for a brief moment that my day sucked and the most horrible, wretched, awful, evil, fake, nasty, ignorant woman in the universe has total control of my career at the moment.

Remember what I said about the bitter with the sweet? And the sugar coma mellowed me out for the rest of the day and I had no energy to key her car when I left the building. See? It was a win/win.


Sue said...

Oh, that totally sucks. You deserve a way better review than that....doesn't she know who she is messing with.

Stupid, horrible, wretched, awful, evil, fake, nasty, ignorant woman.

What comes around, goes around.

Stacey said...

Did you eat it all, or did you at least save me a piece of the brownie?

DevilsHeaven said...

A free brownie? That is a total score!!!
I hope you filled out a good comment card for the girl!!

Trisha said...

Wow - sucky day. But - free chocolate. Always a win!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Leave it to the PB employees to make your day a little better with an extra dose of melty chocolate goodness.

I was waiting for the cashier at PB to be your boss's little sister or babysitter or neighbor or something. I'm SO glad the story didn't end that way!

Kristi said...

I'm with Katie...I was a little afraid that the story would end with your boss in line behind you (or one of your boss' spies in line behind you because she sounds like someone who would have spies). That would have been sad-funny, but the feel-good end of the story is MUCH better.

I think it's great that the PB employee actually took a moment to care--usually folks are just onto the next thing, the next person, but she took a moment and focused on you and how she could make your day better. That rocks.

Jennifer M. said...

Ha! That's awesome. Not your bad day, of course, but the sweet customer service lady. Random acts of kindness from complete strangers are rare but really cool. :)