Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Highlights. Or Snoozefest. You decide.

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. Ubes and I have been so busy. And I hate it when I don't have the time to write like I want to. And I keep thinking, oh I should blog about that! And then after a few days it doesn't seem interesting/funny/blog worthy anymore. So then I just don't blog at all. And that sucks for all of us....


I guess I could give you guys a few highlights of what my days have been like. Although I promise you, things are pretty boring around here....

Backhanded compliment of the week: A customer called this week asking if someone had ordered checks for her. I asked who she spoke with to request the checks. She said "I can't remember her name. The really cute girl. The one with shorter dark hair and big, pretty blue eyes...." At this point I blushed and realized she was most likely talking about me, the other girls I work with are either blond or have really long hair. And then she said "You know, she's kind of . . . ummmm, older?" And that's the point where I threw her check order in the trash. Ha ha! Kidding... Maybe.... At least she didn't say bigger. Right?

Best way I spent spring break: My mom had the kids from Wednesday to Sunday. It was nothing short of awesome. And really really quiet. But Uberman and I got to go out on a proper grown up date and we saw two movies! I never had to cook dinner and there was barely any laundry. But still, I missed those little monkeys like crazy.

Grossest thing I saw this week: I stopped to get a drink on my way to work Saturday morning. While I waited for my turn to order, the guy in the car in front of me kept opening his door and throwing up. Nothing says "Good Morning Saturday!" like watching a guy puke out his hang over in the Jack in the Box drive thru, eh?

Worst thing that happened this week: I had Miley Cyrus' The Climb stuck in my head for two days. TWO DAYS. I wanted to shoot myself. When I told my middle child this (over the phone while he was at my mom's) he expressed sympathy. "Oh that's terrible Mom! I don't know why she's so famous. She sounds like a dying cat." He is so wise.

Second worst thing that happened this week: I found myslef humming along to a Taylor Swift song. Somebody please kill me. We need to stop the madness.

Funny thing Boo said this week: My mom took her for a walk one afternoon on the golf course near her house. She told Boo about a flock of Canadian Geese that migrate to the lake on the golf course every winter. She told her they could look at them, but not get too close because the geese can be aggressive and will chase them. Later that night as they sat outside enjoying the cool evening, they could hear the geese honking. Boo crept to the end of the driveway and peered around the corner, motioning for my mom to follow her.
"What are we doing?" my mom whispered to her.
"Hiding from the gays," Boo answered.
"From the what?" my mom asked, confused.
"You know," Boo told her. "Those gays from Canada."

What I am freaking out about this week: My oldest child, who is 12 (and a half), has recently realized girls are not so icky and thinks he might, possibly, maybe want to have a girlfriend.
"What are you going to do with this girlfriend?" I asked him.
"You know, talk and stuff," he replied.
"Stuff? What does 'stuff' mean?"
"I don't know, Mom. Just hang out and stuff."
"No," I said shaking my finger in his face. "There will be no 'hanging out.' You keep everything 'in,' do you hear me? There is no hanging out, making out, going out. You are 12. Got it?"
"Gross, Mom," he said, rolling his eyes. "You are totally overreacting."
Um, I don't think so. I need to hyperventilate in a paper bag for a minute....

.... And I'm back.

What I am thankful for this week: My husband, who works so hard and is so completely stressed out right now; the beautiful Arizona weather, this is my favorite time of the year - everything is green and blooming and it's not too hot (this will last for maybe a month and then I will be complaining and asking why we live here and why not on the actual surface of the sun.); new shoes; Cadbury Cream Eggs; I get to have dinner with Stacey in two weeks; American Pickers; Netflix (what?? I have no life people!); and anyone still awake after reading this....


Hey, I warned you, didn't I?


Caitlin said...

"Oh that's terrible Mom! I don't know why she's so famous. She sounds like a dying cat."

With lines like that, you may just convince me to have kids yet!

Karen R said...

Love Boo looking for the gays from Canada! Caitlin - you would never regret having children. Ever. They allow you a "do over" in life.

Chris H said...

Definitely hightlights mate.. you are too funny.
12 year old boys are nice. Just wait till he's 18 though. That is all I will say about that.

Girls... even worse.

DutchMac said...

Highlights. Definitely highlights.

If my pregnancy hormones had left me with two brain cells to rub together, I'd think of more to say.

But I can't.

So just ..... 'highlights'

DevilsHeaven said...

"Gays from Canada"
LMAO!!! OH I REALLY needed that laugh!!!

Trisha said...

I am still awake and totally entertained by the highlights of your week.

WILLIAM said...

Hi April.

That is all.

Caitlin said...

Karen, Hi! And also: aww, thank you. I am recently married and in prime baby making - oops I mean baby HAVING (same diff) - age. And I find myself simultaneously fascinated and TERRIFIED by it. What if we get a kid we don't like?! What if I totally mess it up?! (Notice I didn't say "we" - my husband will totally be an amazing father). What if, I don't know, all of the things that can go wrong do? GAH. Like I said, Terrifying.
But not totally out of the question. So thank you :)

Also, I mean, come on: GAYS FROM CANADA. !!!

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Oh gays from Canada. LOL - that was hilarious. I'll be laughing about that one all weekend!