Thursday, February 11, 2010


A lot of us girls at Bunco have blogs. So there was some talk last week at Bunco about blogging and being negative and stuff like that. And my dear friend Katie, bless her blunt little heart, said to me "Your blog is negative but at least it's funny."

Ummmmmm..... Thanks?

(To be fair to Katie, she didn't mean it that way. It was a compliment. I think.)

And in all honesty, I have been wallowing in negativitiy a little bit lately. And I don't like it either. That's not me. I'm a very happy person. I laugh a lot. I'm usually pretty bubbly. But when there's a lot of negativity going on around you, it's hard not to be affected by it. Like you know when you go into Subway, you come out smelling like that oregano infused bread? It's like that. I smell like negativity.

Lucky for me, I have the most amazing friends. Friends who have called me, texted me, sent me emails and Facebook messages of support and encouragement and reassurance that I am indeed awesome. Which I totally know, but the reminder is nice, I'm not gonna lie to ya.

So today my dear friends, I will share with you my thoughts on What Sucks and What Doesn't Suck. See how I am cancelling the negative with the positive? Yeah. I paid attention in math. Once again, proof of my awesomeness. So grab a cold refreshing beverage, sit back, relax and enjoy. It's my gift to you.

What Sucks: Getting the tip of a corn chip stuck in your gums.
What Doesn't Suck: Having an awesome froworker (See how I did that? Friend + Coworker = Froworker. You can totally use it. And you are welcome.) who comes to the rescue with floss. Thank you Kara.

What Sucks: Having to work until 6:15 every night.
What Doesn't Suck: Having a job. Thank you Jesus.

What Sucks: Sitting in traffic on a normally non-trafficky (totally a word people) road. (Deer Valley between 75th and 83rd? One lane? Seriously?? What was so wrong with the road that we have to rip it up? Which causes me to get home even later evey night?)
What Doesn't Suck: Being employed. (I know. I'm being repetitive, but I couldn't think of one that matched. I like to match. And the reason I am stuck in traffic on this non-trafficky road is because I am coming home from work.)

What Sucks: Not seeing my Bunco girls more often than once a month at Bunco.
What Doesn't Suck: Having the most fabulous friends in the world. Really. My friends are more awesome than yours. I promise.

What Sucks: The new season of Lost. Save your hate mail. I am so mad at this show. I am so confused and I don't need confusion in my life right now.
What Doesn't Suck: Modern Family. Greatest show on TV. Love it. I wish Cam and Mitch were my next door neighbors. My BFF Dee thinks she is Claire (she totally is). Ubes is definitely Phil. I'm totally Cam. But Ubes thinks I am Mitch. Whatev Ubes. Whatev.

What Sucks: People who make stuff up.
What Doesn't Suck: Warm chocolate chip cookies. They make everything better.

What Sucks: The radio station at work. Seems to only alternate Taylor Swift, James Taylor and old school Whitney Houston. And occasionally that shiteous Mariah Carey cover of I want to know what love is. Someone please kill me.
What Doesn't Suck: Lunchtime and my iPod.

What Sucks: Not having more time to blog properly.
What Doesn't Suck: Anyone who wastes their time reading my word vomit. Love you. Kisses.


Stacey Redish said...

In my opinion, anyone who is happy constantly, isn't being honest with themselves.

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Girl, it WAS a compliment. Not that you are negative...but that you deal with "the crap of life" with humor. I'm pretty confident that you know what I meant. If not, lemme know and I can drop out of Bunco so you don't have to listen to my big mouth anymore.

I have been dealing with a 36 hour drama with another friend who took something I said wrong and I am so emotionally raw. (and what I said to you came out SO MUCH WORSE than what I said to her!!!) But knowing that there are friends out there like you who don't take offense to one little sentence and easily move on means the world to me.

That is, as long as you're not secretly writing me off. Because if you are, you need to totally tell me. I'm emotionally drained right now, but I can take it like a big girl. I better not have truly hurt your feelings...

You know I love you, girlfriend.

DevilsHeaven said...

I agree with Stacey. And with Katie. Life has its negative moments. You tell us about it with humor and this is why we read you.

Trisha said...

It is the people who deal with the bad things with humor who are the healthiest among us. It is YOUR blog so write what you want and what you feel at the moment.