Saturday, January 9, 2010

Post-Soup - Stuff that couldn't make a full post on its own

So we finally joined the 21st century and signed up for Netflix. I know! Can I get a hell yeah for not having to stand in line for Red Box?? And since we are so fancy and all, we can now stream movies through Netflix on our XBOX 360. Yes ladies, this little gaming console can benefit you as well. I spend hours paging through all the categories. Dudes. There is an ENTIRE category titled "British Dramas." That is like porn for me! And Ubes is already pissed that I have filled up our viewing queue with girly movies he is not interested in. "Babe," he says with resigned exasperation, "isn't it enough that both iTunes and Tivo think I'm gay??" Nope. Sorry, honey pie.

This week at work I actually had a woman ask me how to write the new year on a check. "You know how we would write '09' in the date for the year?? How do we right 2010? Is it oh-ten?" She was serious.

The Boy, my best girlfriend at work, has accepted a position with another company and will be leaving on Wednesday. I am sad. I know we will continue to be BFF, as he and his lovely wife Elizabeth have become good friends with Ubes and I, but still... He was kind of the glue holding me together in an environment that has become toxic and miserable. I do not blame him for leaving. But yes, I am extremely jealous.

I am looking for a new job. Sigh.

My boys have once again pulled it off and made the Principal's list (Junior) and the Honor Roll (Mac). They are amazing. I am such a proud mom.

I have recently discovered I spent three hours looking at boots. Boots, people. Please don't blame me when you are not getting anything done because you are spending all your time on the latest fashion trends, okay?

My previous post was a bit of a downer. And the evening after I published that post, I went to Bunco at one of my BFF Erin's. And it was the opposite of everything I was complaining about. I am so happy I have such amazing women in my life! So thank you to Erin, Catherine, Mary, Brooke, Bex, Ames, Nicole, Kim, Jess, Katiekins, Flint, and Diane. Unlike the nasty people who inspired that post, YOU make me proud to be a girl. I love you!

And thank you, to all of the fabulous people I know who reached out to me after reading that post. Whether we know each other in person or not, you all make me feel good about being who I am. I appreciate every one of you.

And finally, my amazing Uberman has decided to go public with his bad ass beer blog. You can read it here. If you like beer, you will love this. (And you can read my fantabulous guest post. You are welcome!)


WILLIAM said...

When I was a kid Principals list meant something different.

The Maid said...

Of course out of all of the links to other blogs, my link is broken. Sigh.

Poor me. LOL

I love your "Post Soup" was a fun night at bunco...and you looked marvelous!

Happy rest of the week to you!

Andrea said...

Nice is good to look at pretty things I can not afford, and am not sure I could justify buying if I could! Love you! Hope this week has been better!

btw...please tell Erin her soup rocked! yum-o!

Sue said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and that bunco was a blast.

I hope your job search is successful. Fingers are crossed for you.


Anonymous said...


"Intentionally Katie" said...

MMWAH! Love you too, chica.