Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Confessional - Holidays Edition Part Deux

So I am back in the hotel, exhausted and totally roller coastered out. I can't handle the thrill rides anymore you guys. I spend the whole time fearing for my life or worried sick my kids are not strapped in tight enough or imagining plunging to my death due to a seatbelt harness malfunction or whatever. Kinda takes the "amusement" out of the amusement park. That's why I love Disneyland. Those rides are just my style. As a matter of fact, I plan to write a whole post about why Disneyland kicks every other park's ass. Just you wait!

(Oh and by the way Little Miss Stacey, my spelling errors would not be so bad if freaking blogger would bring spellcheck back. What. The. Flip??? And also I am typing this on my netbook and the keyboard is micro. And I have a broken ass and am in pain. So stop criticizing me, sheesh!)

So more confessions for your reading enjoyment....

I didn't finish my shopping and wrapping until Christmas Eve.

I am so disappointed in myself over my lack of organization this year. I feel a little like a failure.

I spent two hours putting Boo's Barbie Dream House together and then playing with it. Only I didn't notice when she started playing the Wii with her brothers and left me by myself playing with the Dream House.

Just like Ralphie at the end of The Christmas Story, tucked into bed, peacefully sleeping with his Red Rider BB Gun, I seriously considered sleeping with my arms wrapped around my new Coach purse and boots. And leopard print gloves.

I may have cried and/or peed a little in my pants while riding the Silver Bullet (stop snickering, get your minds out of the gutter and focus people) at Knotts. And also the Supreme Scream. And El Revelucion. (Yes it's supposed to be in espanol.)

I may have threatened all three of my children and one of Dee's when they wouldn't stop touching everything they saw. It wasn't that bad, I only told them I would pull them out of the store by their ears and make them stand in the middle of the park in their underwear if they didn't knock it off.

I am totally okay with taking an adults only vacation every year.

I am so looking forward to going home tomorrow! Even though I know I have 5 duffel bags of laundry and a mess leftover from Christmas morning, there is no place like home. Plus I have a freezer full of Uberman's Nana's tamales. Score!


Stacey said...

I got a shout out in your blog!! SCORE!!!

PS - Can Scott and I come along on an adults only vacay?? Please?

And what's this about a new Coach purse? Which one is it?

Coffee Bean said...

Your confessions are hysterical! I've had a for real broken ass... that got broke the same time as my back in a jet ski accident so I can laugh at you. If your ass was broke for real girlfriend you would not have ever gotten on more than one ride. Just sayin.

And... it is New Year's Eve. I've got some partying to do and my stomach is hurting big time. I have a question for you and I somehow think you might know the answer. If I drink some pepto-bismal do you think it will have a reaction with... say... adult beverages??? Answer me quick. As if you'll be on here today... Are you drinking wine already?