Thursday, November 5, 2009

You Made a Woman Meow?

I love movies. Love them. I love going to the movies, I love watching movies at home. I love quoting my favorite lines from movies.

I think I am pretty diverse movie watcher. To prove that I will confess to you that my favorite movie so far this year (besides the Hangover) is Zombieland. See what I mean. Diverse.

So anywho, my favorite movies of all time are as follows, in no particular order:

You've Got Mail - or as Ubes calls it - When Harry Met Sally in Seattle on the Internet. Whatever. This movie is a part of my soul.

Love Actually - "I feel it in my fing-gahs, I feel it in my toes!" My favorite Christmas movie of all time. I can't wait to watch it this year.

Bridget Jones's Diary - I saw this movie in the theater 6 times, three of them by myself. My favorite scene is where she is standing at the bottom of the stairs after her friend's dinner party and she tells Mark Darcy how stuck up he is. And he tells her he likes her. Very much. Just the way she is. Sigh.

About a Boy - I can't hear the song "Killing Me Softly" without smiling because of this movie. This is a sweet movie about growing up and learning to love. I think this is Hugh Grant's greatest performance, he is not the charming, bumbling Englishman in this film. He's a total asshole. You will love it.

The Painted Veil - This film is so heartbreakingly beautiful, if you don't love it you are dead inside. Edward Norton is an amazing actor. His English accent sucks. But you love this character so much you forgive it.

Pride and Prejudice - I like both the BBC and Keira Knightly versions of this book for different reasons. The BBC version, duh, Colin Firth. But I think the Keira Knightly is more true to what their life was actually like during that time. And that scene near the end with Matthew MacFadyen walking towards her through the field, the sunlight coming over his shoulder and his coat tails swinging behind him??? Swoon.

Sense and Sensibility - My girl Kate Winslet at her best. I love the one liners in this film. Elinor: "You have not said one word to her since she arrived." Marianne: "Yes I have. I've said yes and I've said no." But still, the book was better.

Closer - Clive Owen. Sigh. I think this movie is a pretty realistic portrayal of relationships. I'm embarrassed to tell you I saw this movie in the theater with my MIL. The language and subject matter are pretty explicit, and the whole time I was wondering if she knew what they were talking about. When I told her this, she actually laughed and said something very thought provoking that I will never forget. "No matter how old you are or what generation you came from, love is love. You do the same things, you say the same things. Age has nothing to do with intimacy."

Layer Cake - My boyfriend before his days as James Bond. "I'm not a gangster. I'm a businessman whose commodity happens to be cocaine." A movie where you are actually rooting for the drug dealer. The only downfall is that nasty Sienna Miller. Blech.

Jerry Maguire - I love how well written this film is. The dialogue is brilliant. I think I have a thing for flawed characters. And Bonnie Hunt is amazing.

Singles - Ubes loves this movie, too. Again, amazing dialogue. Cameron Crowe is the man.

The Family Man - Another one of of my favorite Christmas movies. Ubes and I quote this movie all year long.

Elf - If you don't love this movie, you're a weirdo and we can't be friends anymore. It makes me feel all purple-y.

Rear Window - Hello?? Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is so much better than Psycho. Except it has made me a little too leery of all my neighbors and what they are putting in their trash. Or burying in their rose garden.

Mary Poppins - This is the movie that made me want to go to London. And hell yes I stood at the top of the steps of St. Paul's Cathedral and belted out "Feed the Birds." Because I'm all bad ass like that.

Sex & the City - I think this is the single greatest movie representation of the relationships women maintain with one another. I love the scene where Samantha is feeding the soup to Carrie. So much is said about these two characters in that small moment. I cried like a baby at that part. And I would totally feed you soup if you needed it. You know who you are.

The English Patient - My heart breaks every time I watch the scene where Count Almasy is carrying Katherine out of the cave. There is nothing more devastating than a love that was never meant to be.

The Pianist - Adrian Brody is so astounding in this beautifully written film. The human spirit, the will to survive, the power to forgive things that were so incredibly unforgivable. I LOVE this movie.

A Bugs Life - I think this is the most underrated Pixar film. This movie is hilarious and Dennis Leary steels the show as a tough-guy ladybug named Francis. Trust me. Just watch it.

And of course, my favorite movie of all - When Harry Met Sally.

The Boy is a film maker. An award winning film maker to be more specific. We spend a lot of time talking about movies. And I was shocked when he told me last week he has never seen When Harry Met Sally.

"What???" I asked incredulously.

"I don't like Billy Crystal," he replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Forget it's Billy Crystal," I told him.

"I don't like Meg Ryan," he said.

"Okay, so forget it's Meg Ryan. There is no way you will not like this movie. The writing is stellar. Amazing. This is the movie that made romantic comedies what they are today. This is the movie that made Meg Ryan Meg Flippin' Ryan!" I stared at him like he was a freak.

How could you be a film maker, a lover of films, and not see When Harry Met Sally?? I mean really!

My favorite scene in the movie is the one where Harry and Jess are at the football game. Harry is telling Jess that his wife, Helen, just left him. Here he is, the epitome of depression and despair, telling his best friend the horrible news that his wife left him and he had no idea it was coming. Yet every few minutes he and Jess still stand up to do the wave. Seriously, so freaking funny.

And then of course there is the scene in the diner when Harry and Sally are driving back from college. Harry is asking Sally if she has ever had great sex. She says she has had great sex, with Shel Gordon. Harry tells her there is no way she ever had great sex with a man named Sheldon. It's all about the name.

"A Sheldon can do your income taxes. If you need a root canal, Sheldon's your man. But humpin' and pumpin' is not Sheldon's strong suit. It's the name. 'Do it to me Sheldon, you're an animal Sheldon, ride me big Shel-don.' Doesn't work."

My mom used to work for a guy named Sheldon. I couldn't say his name without giggling.

This movie is so full of fabulous quotes.

"You were going to be a gymnast."
"A journalist."
"Right, that's what I said."

I think Sally Albright is the film character I most relate to. I am totally the girl who is high maintenance but thinks she's low maintenance. I often order food in restaurants just like her. I'm every waiter's nightmare. But just like Sally, "I just want it the way I like it."

Greatest movie ever. If you haven't watched it in a while, do yourself a favor and watch it. And if you see The Boy, help me convince him to watch it too.


Stacey said...

It's a totally obvious part, but my favorite part of Harry is when he spits the grape seeds on the window. It means nothing except he's an idiot guy, but it's still my favorite.

And I disagree with Elf. It makes me feel vermillion-ey, not so much purple-ey. But vermillion is good and I do love it.

And now I have to get off my arse and wake up my kid for school.

~Nourish~ said...

Love Ed Norton, I added The Painted Veil to my queue, thanks! And along A Bug's Life lines, have you seen Igor? I think it's amazing.

WILLIAM said...

Cameron Crowe is awesome. I love me some Bonnie Hunt in any movie.

The Maid said...

A couple more favorites:

"The Score" Ed Norton was also amazing in this movie. I love that DeNiro screwed him over. :)

"The Freshman" Whether you love Matthew Broderick and Penelope Ann Miller or not...the fact that Brando was in this movie which was such a jab at the hilarious. And I just crack up at the farm-boy in the big cityness of it all. This movie is why I know what a Kimodo Dragon is!

"Bye Bye Love" Love this movie too. It is funny, but truly touches on the pain and other crap you go through with divorce. I quote that movie too. When Randy Quaid is sizing up Janean Garafolo (sp)...and says..."How much do you weigh?" On their first date. LOL My worst nightmare! :)

I agree...Bonnie Hunt...amazing. Loved her in "Return to Me." Not to mention, she wrote it, I think.

And you nailed it sister...When Harry Met Sally...the end all, be all of romantic comedies in my book. Most quoted movie of married life. (Thin, pretty, big "boobs"...your basic nightmare.) LOL The "interview" snippets between scenes...priceless. (When the guy says to his soon to be wife at a funeral..."What are ya doin afta?" Hee Hee Hee)

Wow. The only thing missing from your list is a John Hughes movie.

Have a great day!


Fellow Elf Lover...we watch all year long!

chandy said...

"Though we adore men individually, we agree that as a group they're rather stuuuupid."

I'll be singing that all day now!

There are quite a few on your list I've never seen before. Perhaps we'll have to do a movie night. I can bring chocolate and wine and you can provide the movies...

Jessie said...

I can't believe it! No wonder we get along so well...

Pretty much all of those movies are on my list. And since I've been up in the middle of the night nursing the wonderful Jackson I've been re-watching my favs.

Recently I watched Bridget Jones' Diary, Emma with Gwyneth, Pride and Prejudice (BBC version).

I absolutely love your movies. When Harry Met Sally is one of the greatest love movies. I am ashamed to say that I do not own it. I'm requesting it from Swap-A-DVD right now...

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I love that movie too. I like the lines about men and women never being "friends" without someone thinking something sexual about the other.

"Intentionally Katie" said...

I've also been accused of ordering food like Meg Ryan. (bet that doesn't surprise you)

And please. Tell me. WHAT is the "You made a woman meow?" line from?!?!? It's driving me insane. I'm too sleep deprived to remember, yet I can hear the voice of the person saying it. It almost sounds like George from Seinfeld...WHAT MOVIE IS THAT FROM!?!?!

Gladys said...

OK we can be best friends. I love everyone of these movies. Only my favorite part of Love Acutally is where Colin Firth keeps talking to Mia, Heike Makatsch and even though they don't speak the same language they seem to carry on this subconscious conversation. Oh and I love he learned her language and muttles it so badly when he comes back for her.

The Maid said...

"You made a woman meow" was from When Harry Met Sally. Duh. LOL

Bruno Kirby says that to Billy Crystal as they discuss the details of his new "dating" life.

"I took her to a place that wasn't human." He said. LOL

How sad that I know this.

Sue said...

Oh...I think I need to have a Hugh Grant marathon...

A couple others for your consideration...

Shawshank Redemption - one of the best movies ever. Whenever it's on, I HAVE to stop and watch it. Even a couple of years ago when I was traveling, I found it on late at night when I was in a hotel in Ireland, and had to watch. I love Andy...and Red, of course.