Friday, November 13, 2009

Trade a Challenge Challenge

Okay so this Nablopomofo thing is kicking my bootie. It is really difficult coming up with things to write about every day. My life is just not that interesting.

So today, The Boy and I were talking about how to get some inspiration. And we came up with a plan. We will give each other a task to complete in one day, and then we both have to write about it.

The boy rejected my first challenge. Which was no big deal. I just told him he had to wear a pair of his wife's underwear for a day. I can't understand why he turned that opportunity down.

My challenge is to be a Yes Man for a day. Uh-huh, just like the movie. So tomorrow, with Uberman holding me accountable, I have to say yes to every opportunity that is presented to me. And we all know Ubes is going to take full advantage of this. Ahem.

The Boy's challenge? He has to watch When Harry Met Sally. Ha ha!! I KNEW I would win!! (Except I totally think he is getting the better end of the deal here.)

So I ask you, blogging community, how many of you are willing to participate in the Trade a Challenge Challenge? Even if you aren't participating in Nablopomo, just do it for the fun!  Just to set some ground rules, the requests have to be reasonable. (Hey, there is nothing unreasonable about a guy wearing his wife's underwear. Or so I hear.) Nothing that is illegal (I am not willing to go to jail for the sake of blog fodder) or immoral. Or vomit inducing. But eveything else is okay. Within reason. Oh wow now I'm scared.

And I'll let you know how my day as a Yes Man goes. Oy vay. Now I'm really scared.


Kristi said...

There is no telling where you'll end up tomorrow April. Ooh, and just think, it begins SO EARLY too!

kristen s said...

April - YOU are nuckin' futs. The requests I'd get from my husband alone are enough to make me tremble in a corner with fear...

Trisha said...

Can;t wait to hear how the "yes man" day goes! I like the idea of trading challenges . . . I am not sure I could do it though!