Thursday, November 26, 2009


My favorite holiday of the year is upon us. Naturally I am talking about Black Friday.

So here I am, at my MIL's, full from turkey and potatoes and pumpkin pie. We have the ads spread out on the table in front of us. Each of us taking notes about where the best sales are. Preparing our game plan. In a few minutes we are all going to do some stretches to limber up. Gotta bring our A game.

The mall open at midnight. We are so there.

Be prepared, Black Friday. We are coming with a vengeance!

I just need about 8 cups of coffee first.


Sue said...

How did you do? There wasn't anything I really couldn't live without, so I didn't get rolling until about 4:25am...I know, I know, totally lame.

I did find everything I was looking for though, so no complaints!

Girl Going Skinny (was The Fat Girl) said...

Ooh hope you found everything you wanted :) Hope you had a wonderful thanks giving