Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles has got nothin' on us.

Hello. My Name is April and I self medicate with food.

(Hi April.)

For dinner last night I fed my children chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter. And syrup, duh. Always syrup. (Which I pronounce Seeeer-Up and Ubes says it is Sir-Up but I strongly disagree.) And I'm not gonna lie to you, I ate them too. And they were delicious.

And my daughter also insisted on having a side dish to accompany her delicious fluffly peanut butter-chocolate chip pancakes: Refried Beans. Uh-huh. She sure did. But she didn't have syrup. Which for some reason makes this refried bean side dish thing okay with me. Because adding seeeer-up would make it gross.

And I didn't say no. Not to the pancakes. Or the chocolate chips. Or the peanut butter, or the beans. Or to the bowls full of Cheetos they ate an hour later. Why? Because I can't pay for college and therapy so I am trying to make it up to them in small doses like this. You have to take these moments as they come.

So don't judge me people. I did it for the children.

(And Ubes would like me to tell you that I stole his line for my title. Thank you Ubes!)


DevilsHeaven said...

I get the chocolate chips in the pancakes, but you've got me stumped as to how you add the peanut butter. Please enlighten me because that sounds fabulous.

Trisha said...

This is the kind of dinner your kids will remember for the rest of their life. It might not be the most nutritiously balanced but I am willing to bet it was delicious and fun!

My mom would let us eat strawberry shortcake for dinner at least once every summer!

I will never forget it!

DutchMac said...

1. My mom always put PB on her pancakes, and now myself and my son both have it that way too. I know, it's totally disgusting, but in that addictively-delicious way.

1a. PB on pancakes is totally dependent on the type of seeer-up. Maple, yes. Blueberry, absolutely not.

2. During the past few months of first trimester ickies, my kid has (on many occasions) had dinners consisting of either popcorn & M&Ms, three PB sandwiches (after having 2 at lunch), or applesauce & french fries. I'm certainly not passing any judgment!

Stacey said...

They'll remember it. And they'll do the same for their kids. I remember "nancakes" for dinner with my mom. Now that I'm the mom I make them for dinner sometimes, and I always take my kids out to "Crack in the Barrel" to eat nancakes for dinner when Scott is out of town. We sing a stupid song we made up about pancakes for dinner and I hope that they remember it and sing their kids the same song while they eat their pancakes for dinner.

"Intentionally Katie" said...

Kaylin ate black beans and french toast one morning. I think I even blogged about it. I certainly took a picture. What's up with beans and breakfast breads?!?!?

Chris H said...

I had ice cream for lunch.. no sir-up..... so you have NOTHING to be guilty about. so there.

kristen s said...

I see nothing wrong with this meal. You had grains, protein, antioxidants... hell -- Boo even had fiber. Well done, mom!

And can I just tell you that the BEST syrup in the world is made by mixing a forkfull of peanut butter in a bowl with as much maple syrup is needed to thin it out. You have to scramble it up like you're beating eggs to scramble -- but it's SO GOOD. My Texan grandmother and mom brought me up on the stuff (I'm telling you, it's like crack, it's so good) and my kids won't eat pancakes or waffles with anything else.

Great, now I'm hungry, and all I want are pancakes with PB syrup. Just what my fat ass needs. I wonder if I have time to make some before I have to pick the kids up from school?....