Saturday, November 28, 2009

More about me

What I am
tired, funny, sarcastic, inappropriate at times, addicted to diet ginger ale, anxious, hungry, looking forward to the holidays, missing my bff Dee, pissed at Kristen for her unbeatable Bejeweled score, forgetful, itchy to go on a proper date with my Ubes, overwhelmed by laundry, loud, excited to wear my new $15 sweater from Old Navy, observant, intuitive, thinking a hot shower will make my stuffy head and burning chest feel better, loyal, protective, wondering if I have the energy to put the garland on my banister tonight.

What I am not
shy, tolerant, magic, interested in cars, focused, a person who likes fish, afraid of crowds, someone who holds back, good with money, disciplined, tall, a good sleeper, shallow, careful with my words, happy with the shape of my eyebrows, someone who asks for help easily, ready for my babies to grow up, closed minded.

What I wish I were
a college graduate, a better writer, more patient, accepting, a veggie eater, friends with Kate Winslet, finished with my holiday decorating, more confident with my decision making, a person who enjoyed running, better at sewing.


The Maid said...

I think Kate Winslet would be tremendous fun and a great girlfriend to have. Plus, if you saw Titanic, you have seen her niblets. That makes you intimate friends already!


We have much in common, though I won't bore you with it.

:) Have a super weekend! :)

Damn smiley faces, who made me such a cracked out smiley face ho?

Anonymous said...

i'm "borrowing" this. :)

kristen s said...

Ha! You would think my Bejeweled score was unbeatable, wouldn't you? It was over 450,000 for crying out loud! Well guess what... one of my "friends" beat me! She got a flipping 496,000!!! I know, right? Total whore. She couldn't even let me enjoy one freaking week in the spotlight. Psh... whatever.

I want to be friends with Kate Winslet too! Except my husband would also want to be friends with her because he really enjoyed seeing her niblets in Titanic -- and that would just piss me off.

BTW, I think your eyebrows are lovely. Also, you made me thirsty for diet ginger ale and I'm more than a little annoyed because I don't have any ;(

Coffee Bean said...

kristin s just made me howl with laughter! Yeah, my husband too. LOL!

DevilsHeaven said...

So many of these are so me. F just can not understand why I don't like fish. I keep telling him I'm not the only one.