Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let Them Drink Cake*

Last week my mom sent me a box of her mini rum cakes. It was basically a big box of deliciousness. And I passed some out to coworkers because I am awesome like that.

Just look at them. Not only are they moist and delicious, they are pretty too.

And the key word here is RUM. I have transformed your screen to scratch and sniff. Go ahead, try it.

Can you smell the alcohol chocolate? The roasted nuts? The yummy homemade goodness?

Yes. She does all of this herself with a super secret recipe I am pretty sure she hides in her bra. And she sticks her pinky finger in each one to make it that much sweeter.

Every year I ask her to make some for me so I can give them away as Christmas gifts. The same people get them every single year. And you would think they would be all "April, how about getting us something different this year?" But no. Right about this time, they start calling me, Facebooking me, texting me, etc. "Hi, how are you? What's new? So . . . um . . . when am I getting my rumcake?"

This one is my fave...

Kahlua Chocolate Fudge

But this one is a close second...

Amaretto topped with sliced almonds

And this one is fabulous. And gorgeous...

Grand Marnier (also available with chopped pecans)

Yes. They are that good. She is known for them in her small town. Yeah, she's kind of a big deal. People keep telling her she should make them and sell them, she could be rich.

So it got me thinking.... Maybe I could help her out with this. Maybe this is her true calling, baking rum cakes for the masses. Getting people drunk, one bite at a time. So yeah, that's right, I'm pimping my mom's cakes on my blog. If you are interested in ordering a dozen mini cakes for your holiday festivities, for gifts or for yourself (hey, I'm not gonna judge), shoot me an email at aprilsreignblog at gmail dot com, and we can work something out.

She also makes one called the Drunken Monkey. It's banana. That's right. I said banana. And there's a Pina Colada one too, topped with coconut. You can also order a Plain and Boring one. But we will totally make fun of you if you do. Oh. My. Gluttony. They are so gooooooood.

Oh trust a sister. You can't find anything this fantastic at your local bakery or even Williams Sonoma. You will thank me later. And you are welcome.

*Please note that the title to this post is the slogan my mother uses to sell this bunch homemade goodness. Isn't she clever??? The nut does not fall far from the drunken tree, my friends.


DutchMac said...

If only international shipping didn't take a week and cost the proverbial b*tch! (*sigh*) I guess you'll just have to enjoy some on my behalf. I choose the Amaretto and Grand Marnier ones.

Now go. Drink, be merry, and send me the drunken vibes via mental telepathy so that I can partake in such a yummy seasonal treat with you.

Mmmmmmmm....baked alcohol.

kristen s said...


*insert Homer Simpson gurgling sounds here*

As Fat Bastard would say: "Get. In. My. Belleh!"

Mom Taxi Julie said...

UMmmmmm me want :)