Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was so not feeling it today.

I woke up grumpy. Really grumpy. Just pissed off at the world grumpy. And I don't know why. It is so not like me. I am usually one of those annoying people who wake up happy and cheerful. Stop laughing Uberman, I do too.

But not today.

And then to make it worse, I was running late. And then when I came into the kitchen to grab my purse and shuttle the kids out the door I saw my ipod. On. The. Floor. And the screen is totally cracked. And I am mad. Because of course no one knew how my iPod ended up on the floor.

And then when I was driving to work some nasty woman turned in front of me and almost ran me off the road. And of course was completely oblivious to the fact that she almost killed me and totally ticked me off at the same time. And dude, how do you miss me on the road?? I'm driving a big black Yukon. I'm like Godzilla. I actually sat behind her at the light and fantasized about going Jack Nicholson on her windshield with Junior's baseball bat. Road rage much?

When I got to work I cracked open a diet pepsi and took four large gulps. Caffeine and carbonated deliciousness make ever thing better. Briefly, but still.

My day continued downhill. I can't blame other people, it was all me and my sour, foul mood. And I knew it was me. I knew I was being unreasonable with my growling and face making. After lunch, one of my coworkers brought me ice cream.

Cold Stone cake batter with brownies makes everything better.

Then the school nurse called to let me know Junior was sick. Awesome. And neither Ubes or I could leave work at that moment. Awesomer. So I called my lovely MIL. Who dropped everything and went to rescue her grandbaby and take care of him the rest of the afternoon.

Grannies make everything better.

On my way home I cranked up my cracked iPod and sang along to Flo Rida. Because bad hip hop makes everything better.

When I got home I took a long shower and washed the grossness of the day off of me. Because hot water and pink grapefruit body wash make everything better.

And then I snuggled with Boo in her bed while we read "Today I Feel Silly." Because giggles and kisses and a good book make everything better.

Ubes is going to get my iPod fixed. Because Ubes makes everything better. And I need a good night sleep. Because sleep makes everything better.

And tomorrow will be better. I will be better.


Heather said...

I hate days like those...

Trisha said...

Not a good day! It is so wonderful that there are so many things in this world which make everything better.

I hope you gave Ubes a huge hug for helping get that iPod fixed!

Sue said...

How random is it that I was listening to Flo Rida's "Low" at 4:45am this morning when I couldn't sleep.

I hope today is much better.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Wow I wish someone would bring me ice cream when I'm in a bad mood at work ;o)

Totally LOL with the baseball bat!