Sunday, October 25, 2009


She is tiny and thin with long legs and no hips and it is very difficult to find jeans that fit her well. Especially when the jeans have to be sparkly and/or appliqued with rhinestones, flowers or butterflies.

She likes fashion.

She has the biggest brown eyes you have ever seen, surrounded by long dark lashes. Her eyes get all squinty when she's laughing.

She has a teeny, tiny turned up button nose that she crinkles when she doesn't like something, and a big dimple on the left side of her perfect little mouth.

She laughs loud. And a lot.

She uses hand gestures when she tells a story.

She has the cutest little voice you have ever heard, like a cartoon character.

She loves Milk Duds, bean burritos, pizza, crackers of all kinds, steak and macaroni and cheese. She no longer likes olives after eating an entire bowl of them and then throwing up.

When she grows up she wants to be a teacher.

She likes to wear sparkly bows and jewelry. All the time. The sparkly-er the better

She likes to go to the movies.

She loves to draw, play with Legos, put puzzles together, read books, play with Barbies, watch iCarly, sparkly stuff and all things High School Musical. But she is so over Hannah Montana.

She is quite simply, the most amazing little girl ever.

Today, she is six.

Happy Birthday little Boo. Thank you for putting the sparkle in all my days.

(PS - No you are not getting that cupcake necklace and no I don't think Santa shops at Tiffany, either.)


Stacey said...

That was so sweet.

Trisha said...

Happy birthday! What a loving tribute to a lucky six year old!

Karen R said...

Gosh, I got all teary eyed reading that. She was just a toddler when I last saw her. Sounds like she's the spitting image of her pretty mama. Happy Birthday Boo!!

Jessie said...

Is it weird to want that necklace for myself? I'm still a cupcake at heart...

Happy Birthday Boo!

Sue said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Boo!