Monday, September 21, 2009

Confessional Vol. VII

I went to Super Target on Saturday and when I came out, I had totally forgotten where I parked my car.

Even better, one day earlier in the week I pushed the button on my key fob to unlock my car and it didn't unlock. The battery in the key fob must have died. And for about 30 seconds I was totally panicked about how I was going to get the door unlocked. Sticking the key in the door and manually unlocking it is a concept I have completely forgotten about.

On Thursday I was super pissed that the season premier of Grey's Anatomy was not recording on the TiVo. I was convinced Ubes had stopped it from recording so one of his dumb shows could record instead. And then I realized the season premier is next week.

I am pretty sure I have early signs of dementia.

I haven't put the suitcases away yet and I am still doing laundry from the trip. I am almost thinking it would be easier to just repack everything and go somewhere else.

I am getting a cold. And I just don't have time for a cold right now. I don't have time to be tired and cranky and achey. And I am really mad that this cold couldn't wait for a more convenient time, like when the kids are in college and out of the house.

I have a fever. My ears hurt. My chest is burning. And I just want to go to sleep for about three days and wake up with all my problems magically resolved. Is that too much to ask? Sheesh.


WILLIAM said...

Is thios another guest post? But this time it is from Debbie Downer?

Stacey said...

Awww!! April is NOT a Debbie Downer. I feel for you, my dear. It is hard taking care of everything when you're healthy, much less when you're sick and all you want to do is lay down and die. But rest assured, you aren't suffering from dementia. I also panicked when my key fob wouldn't open the door of my Yukon (must be a Yukon thing??), I've also forgotten where I parked my car. Once I found the "missing" milk in the pantry. I think that when you give birth, brain cells come flying out of the nether-regions along with the babies. You're a mommy - and a good mommy. And sick mommy's need extra special treatment - are you reading this Ubes??

Sue said...

I feel your pain girl friend. I did the same thing with my key fob not too long ago. My problem wasn't that I'd forgotten how to put the key in, but I was standing in front of the wrong car. I had the key fob for my Expedition in my hand and I was clicking it standing next to an Expedition, but I'd driven the Smart car.

Hello! Anyone home?

Kristi said...

We would SO be friends in real life - you know, not just over the internet! I'm in the same sickness situation you're in and I WANT MY MOMMY!

Hope you feel a LOT better - like tonight!

Trisha said...

Sometimes you just have to let it all out!