Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet The Teacher: Numbers Edition

Number of minutes spent at Meet The Teacher Night: 187

Number of minutes spent actually meeting teachers: 15

Number of minutes spent waiting to meet teachers: 138

Number of minutes spent looking for a parking space in the teeny tiny sorry excuse for a parking lot at this stupid school: 18

Number of minutes spent trying to talk to my friends while my kids stood behind me whining "Come on mom! Let's GO!!": 16

Number of dollars I spent on school supplies: $63 (and that's not even everything on the lists people!)

Number of additional items required for sixth grade child, as requested by sixth grade teacher tonight: 13

Number of swear words muttered upon receiving list of additional items: 3

Number of moms seen wearing Ed Hardy tank tops: 11

Number of moms seen wearing hot pink halter dress with silver hooker heels: 1

Number of moms seen with fake boobies: 287 (estimated)

Number of times I wondered if there were any normal moms at this school: 4

Number of normal moms seen: 6

Number of times I rolled my eyes tonight: 27

Number of Tylenol needed to ease my headache and eye rolling: 3

Number of days left until school starts: 4

Number of children I have starting Kindergarten in 4 days: 1

Number of times I have already cried about this: 3

Number of kids excited to go back to school on Monday: 2 (the oldest and youngest)

Number of alcoholic beverages I plan to consume tonight to drown my sorrows over the fact that my babies are growing up and therefore I am getting older and my ovaries are dying: 2 . . . or 3 . . . maybe 4 . . . We'll just play it by ear.


chandy said...

I'm working on number 3 now, my friend (beverage, that is)

And what is up with Ed Hardy? Do people actually WANT to walk around looking like Jon Gosselin?


Julie said...

I swear, if I didn't know you lived in a different state than me, I would think that our kids went to the same school.

DevilsHeaven said...

I am apparently so out of it, Ed Hardy?? I keep seeing the name but not the clothes that go with it.
The amount you spent on supplies, CRIMINAL!! and then having the balls to add items on to it? SHAME ON THOSE TEACHERS!!

Kristi said...

This post is so funny April! I am in the same hell you are!

Trisha said...

As a former teacher - those meet the teacher deals are torture on both sides! I feel your pain.

That many fake boobs? Really?