Monday, June 29, 2009

The One Where the Queen Rants and the People Revolt....

Do you know what I don't enjoy?

The abbreviations people use to express themselves on line or via text. Like LOL. Seriously, not a fan. Or LMAO. I am totally okay with OMG. And who doesn't enjoy a WTF once in a while? But LOL, LMAO and ROFL are like nails on a chalkboard to me. Whatever happened to just saying Ha Ha!! So people would know you are laughing? Or what is wrong with a smiley face. :) I am a huge fan of the smiley face and all derivatives.

Now please know that I am not judging you if you are a frequent user of the LOL, etc. I just don't particularly enjoy them. You may not like Cheetos. I think they are like manna sent from Heaven above. The snack food of the Gods. But I know you are a kind person and will not hold my affection for processed cheese puffs against me. I feel the same way about your use of LOL.


Unless you are using the LOL to pretend that you are kidding when you are really not. I hate, loathe, despise this little game. There is nothing worse than the passive aggressive LOL.

For example, April's Facebook status reads:

April just had a great dinner with good friends.

The passive aggressive LOL-er who feels left out all the time responds:

"Why weren't we invited? I thought we were your good friends, LOL!"

Don't LOL me when I know you are just trying to get your point across. Because we both know you are pissed I didn't invite you and you are not really LOL-ing. This is why you weren't invited. I can't stand your venomous remarks, even if they are wrapped up in a smile. LMAO!

"I thought you didn't like Susie, you roll your eyes every time someone mentions her name. Yet last night I noticed the two of you had quite the convo on Facebook, LOL!"

You know what? Just call me out and say I'm two faced! Don't pretend you are teasing me when I know you aren't. Maybe I roll my eyes every time someone mentions her name because I know you are going to make some snippy comment about her? Maybe I can't stand the bitterness you constantly throw her way?? Maybe I roll my eyes to brace myself against your lack of ability to hide your low self esteem. JK! ROFL!!!

Maybe I just want to see how many times I can get you to LOLLMFAOROFL. OMG!! Like WTF???

How about you just take your LOL and KMA? OK??

No, I am not talking about you. Or you. Or that other person we know who does this all the time. This is all hypothetical. LOL.


Kristi said...


The Maid said...


(That winking smiley was just for you.)

And I was just thinking about this the other day, that LOL has really ruined the true LOL which I sometimes REALLY have happen when I read your blog!!!!

Have a ROFL kind of day.

"Intentionally Katie" said...

I thought it was only me. When I read LOL, a visual of the writer pops into my head actually laughing out loud. It usually makes sense for the previous statment, but the passive agressive LOL has always pissed me off. I don't DO passive agressive well. And the couple of friends who just popped into my head who use this annoy me every time they do it! Don't say LOL if you're not stiffling a laugh to keep from waking your whole household at midnight when you're typing the dumb comment. 'K???

Coffee Bean said...

ooooooh!!! KMA is new to me!!! LOL, ROFLMAO, oh, sorry. ;) JK! Couldn't resist!

Good Lord. I just know I'm going to be saying KMA to someone today... and every day from now until eternity. Well, I'll be thinking it. That'll be our secret.

Sue said...

Oh April, I loved this post.

By the way, KMA has been around for a long time - it's one of my favorites...(My 81 year old Pops's email starts off with KMAYOYO, and before he had a disabled license plate, that was the plate on their Caddy)

Can you figure that one out?

chandy said...

Totally agree on the passive agressive LOLs... and it seems some people can text a LOL in a nanosecond!

But I can't stand OMG. Makes me sad every time I hear it...

WILLIAM said... bed?

Stacey said...

There is a lady I know on Facebook (and in real life) who always uses these annoying "words". Except she gets them wrong. Instead of ROFLMAO, she ALWAYS says ROLMAO. What does that even stand for??? Roll on laugh my ass off?? That doesn't even make sense!! You forgot the crucial Floor part of the saying. You can't roll and laugh your ass off if you aren't on the floor.

So long and goodnight.