Saturday, May 16, 2009


Okay peeps, it's been a rough week. Both of our boys had huge projects due at school this week, meaning we were up late three nights in a row completing them. Our daughter graduated preschool, meaning I spent that whole night crying and wondering where the years have gone. The Arcadia door in our upstairs office just shattered out of nowhere one afternoon due to the house settling, meaning our builder SUCKED at doing what they were supposed to do - which is BUILDING. And all kinds of crap is hitting the fan at my work, meaning I can't discuss it with you but so very badly want to because some people are just so fantastically diabolical you just have to wonder how many soap operas they watched as children.

Soooooo, I am taking the easy route and sticking with a meme for the day. I saw this on several blogs this week and it looked like fun. And you know how much I love giving out my opinion and talking about myself and all.

And here we go....

The perfect outfit: For me, anything that fits well and doesn't make my ass look so big. For work, I have this gray suit with cuffed pants and super cute swing style jacket that I wear with a purple camisole and these wicked awesome black high heeled shoe-boots with a super pointy toe. I heart myself in that outfit. And for casual, I love these long khaki shorts with a black or white blousey top and flip flops. So comfy and I can wear it anywhere. But my absolute favorite thing in the whole world is a pair of pajama bottoms and one of Ubes big t-shirts. I will be wearing that all day tomorrow because I am NOT leaving the house. Nope, not once. No siree.

The perfect meal: Uberman will grill you the best steak you have ever eaten in your life. Ever. I mean you will make all kinds of naughty noises while you eat it, I promise you. So I pick that with a baked potato and big heaping serving of my Aunt Nellie's Kick Ass Salad (hearts of romaine, crumbled bacon or prosciutto, toasted almonds, tomatoes, grated Swiss and fresh Parmesan all tossed in this delicious home made dressing. OMG. So good). Throw in a basket of my mom's home made rolls and a piece of cake (doesn't even matter what kind) and I am in Heaven.

The perfect hangover cure: Stopping after two, how 'bout that? If not, drink lots of water before you go to bed. This is really not my area of expertise.

The perfect road trip: My mom and I have driven to Utah with the kids a couple of times and I have always loved these trips. My kids travel really well and so there is never any "Are we there yet?" or complaining. They read, watch movies, listen to iPods, sleep, etc. And my mom and I talk and talk and talk for 14 hours about stuff we have never talked about (like my own mother was shocked that I have never even tried marijuana and even more shocked that I have never even been around it), or stuff we should have talked about or whatever. On these trips the two of us have gotten to know each other better as women, not just mother and daughter. I highly recommend it, take a road trip with your Mama.

The perfect facial feature: Eyes. It's all about the eyes.

The perfect drink: Diet coke with vanilla. Sweet heroin.

The perfect song: Phil Collins "Groovy Kind of Love."

The perfect sign of affection: Ubes is good at these. Sometimes he'll stop and get me a deliciously refreshing carbonated beverage on his way home from work. Or he'll reach over and rub my leg while we are watching a movie. Or he'll kiss my forehead when I am being unreasonable. Or he'll save the last of something for me, ie the last brownie, the last cookie, the last cold diet Pepsi in the fridge. Anything that shows me he was thinking of me works.

The perfect afternoon: Hanging out with my family, listening to my babies laugh, just being together.

The perfect vacation: Europe with DBK and Dee. The four of us getting lost and trying to communicate and exploring new cities is nothing but awesome. And it's not Europe but we are going on a cruise with them in September!! Holla!! I am so excited and I can hardly wait and I am sure me reminding you that I am going to Jamaica Mexico will not get old. Ever. And if you missed that story and are wondering what I am talking about, email me.

The perfect invention: Tivo. And chocolate with caramel.

The perfect type of wedding: One with good cake. Because really, isn't that the only reason we go?

The perfect album: I think I love almost every song on Maroon 5's Songs About Jane. Not very original, but at least I am being honest.

The perfect accent: British.

The perfect date: Dinner and a movie with my Ubes.

The perfect weather: Anything but too hot or too cold. I enjoy a rainy or overcast day just as much as sunny and breezy. 72 degrees is perfect.

The perfect party: Good food and good laughs with our peeps. June 6, be there or be square!

The perfect sport: Baseball.

The perfect thing to say: Ubes is good at these, too. "Jessica Alba is too skinny." "Your butt looks hot in those jeans." "Whatever movie you want to see, Babe." I'm a lucky girl.

The perfect day of the week: Sunday. I love Sundays. I rarely plan anything for these days so I spend them doing laundry, catching up on Tivo or watching movies with Ubes and the kids. All in the comforts of my pajama bottoms and huge t-shirts. Love Sundays.


Kristi said...

I like this meme - very nice and comforting after what sounds like a bitch of a week (window shattering! OMG! I would freak!)

I am jealous as hell about your cruise to Jamaica Mexico! You are allowed to discuss it 3 or so more times before I have to tell you to zip it!!

Lisa J said...

A road trip to Utah would by my pick for your Perfect Road Trip, too! What a coincidence! In fact, I think you need to make one really, really soon. Except not in June because I won't be here. But any other time. Except the first week in August.