Monday, May 18, 2009


There was an incident involving Mac at school today. The principal was kind enough to leave me a message on my voice mail.

"Hi Mrs. Uberman, this is Dr. Principal. I had the opportunity to meet with Mac this afternoon and I wanted to take a moment to discuss this meeting with you. Mac is not in trouble, but I do wish to share a few things with you. Please feel free to give me a call . . . ."

She had the opportunity to meet with him? Is her degree in PR or what?

Apparently another kid, we'll call him Satan, picked a fight with my Mac because Mac's kick ball team was winning against his team during recess. He charged my son and began choking him. Mac wears a silver chain with a cross around his neck, and the chain broke as a result.

So Mama Bear is NOT happy. Don't you even think about messing with one of my cubs. I don't care if you are a nine year old punk. I will bring you down!

I am so upset. I am one step away from that scene in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, where crazy nanny threatens a kid on the playground. "If you touch her again I will rip your (expletive) arm off and shove it down your throat." If I had the phone number for the parents, I would be calling them. I am not totally against egging their house either.

So now Ubes and I have to go to the school first thing in the morning and play good cop/bad cop with the principal. And guess which cop I get to be? Yes. Good cop. Which sucks because nobody likes being good cop. And it's so not fair. The only time Ubes ever wants to be good cop is when we are trying to get the kids to clean their rooms. So not cool.

Mean little kids suck. Is it wrong that I am not averse to hiring the school bully to steal this kid's lunch money and rough him up a little?? No?


for a different kind of girl said...

I hope it goes well and that child...sigh...that child doesn't continue to target your son or any other child. After dealing with a bullying issue this year where my youngest son was a target, everytime I read of a parent or child dealing with this, I feel like going all Wolverine!

Trisha said...

Bullies are just such a bummer! Good luck with the meeting.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

One of my biggest mommy fears for my kids in school is bullies. And "the mean girls," in Kaylin's case, but they're bullies, too.

I know you're still shaken, but the fact that you wrote, "...let's call him Satan..." still has a smile on my face. And after a mere 5 hours of sleep, I'm not much for smiling this morning. You crack me up.

chandy said...

Sad to think where a little kid learns to choke somebody else... what kind of messed up home is he in?

I just hate it when other kids are mean to my kids. (I'm totally not biased...) they really are so sweet! Last week one of Elliot's little friends said he was crossing her off his birthday party list. She was so sad :(

Karen R said...

Do what you have to do with the idiot principal. Then find the kid on the playground and go up to him and quietly tell him that if he touches your kid again, you are going to rip his arm out of his socket and beat him with it. Punks need to learn at a young age that they can't bully others, so put an end to it.

Stacey said...

Wow. I would have a hard time not donning my commando garb and storming the playground to seek out the little offender myself. What on earth was he THINKING?? They had better do something about this Satan kid or else I would go totally lunatic on that principal in the morning. Like expulsion. Like he isn't welcome back in the school district. He choked your kid so badly he broke his chain??? WHAT?? No way, not going to fly.

I can only imagine what prizes his parents must be...

Go get 'em.

Sue said...

The really sucky thing is that rotten little bully kids turn into rotten bully adults.

Wonder what his folks are like...

Don't take any crap from the principal. At the VERY least, the bully should get suspended, and a formal written apology is in order.

Gladys said...

There comes a time when you have to step in on your child's behalf and hire that bully...or a midget that looks like a 10 year old. I'm just sayin ;)

I've got the eggs. You drivin?

DutchMac said...

I feel for you on this one. LC has only just started school, but has already had plenty of experience with a bully .... his best friend! This half-pint kid both verbally and physically abuses my gentle giant, and LC just takes it and laughs it off. I'm so proud to see my little darling take it in his stride, but hate the fact that another child is already walloping on him. Grrrrrr! Good thing LC is a mini-Hercules, because I think that fact alone will prevent other kids from being bold enough to attempt crap with him (this Mama lion says, her fingers fervently crossed).

Best of luck with the PRincipal. Be sure to let all of us out here on the world wide web know how it goes so that we can be ready for these meetings in our futures. Punk kids!!!

The Maid said...

Wow...not much for advice or commentary on this subject since my daughter was suspended a couple of weeks ago for beating up a kid who was 2 years older than her and a BOY!

(But I must say that I know my daughter pretty well, and while she can hold her own with her brothers and sisters, she is not one to pick a fight. When it all surfaced, we found out that the big 5th grade jerk (Satan's twin no doubt) had been verbally abusing her and bullying her all year...and she just snapped!

SO..bullies suck...and I feel ya.

Hope you had a good resolution!

Maybe we can just pray the kid gets the swine flu?

The Maid

DevilsHeaven said...

Choking??? This kid has some serious deep seeded issues if he started choking another kid.
That is whack.
Please keep us updated.

Leigh7880 said...

I blogged about this a LONG time ago(I'm going to send you the link to the video I posted) and no one answered my question: How do keep yourself from dragging the playground bully by the collar and hollering into his mean little face, "Leave me child alone!" Seriously! It's not a rhetorical question! I don't have kids but this is certainly a fear of mine when we DO start a family. The world today is meaner than it used to be and it's terrifying. I hope the school meeting was a success and that you were able to find out who the parents are.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

We've dealt with bullies and idiot principals quite a bit. UGH they all suck!