Saturday, April 25, 2009

Little o' this, little o' that

  • Yesterday was Take Your Kid to Work Day. I brought Junior. And can I just tell you how awesome my kid is? I mean really super awesome. We also had an open house sort of thing in the office yesterday, so by the end of the day my Junior was mixing with clients, asking if they were enjoying themselves, if he could get them anything else, and how comfortable did they feel with their financial portfolios in these difficult economic times. He rocked the house. And I am pretty sure he is getting promoted over me.

  • Last night Ubes and I watched The Reader. Oh people. My girl Kate Winslet was so supremely fabulous in this film. I heart her. And the movie was so good. I read the book many years ago, so I was thankful it was not fresh in my brain and allowed me to appreciate the movie as a separate entity. I'll be honest with you, when I read the book I am not sure why it didn't gross me out that a thirty something year old woman was having an affair with a fifteen year old boy. And it only briefly creeped me out in the movie. But I could have done without the full on shlonger shots of the dude. Ick. Sidenote: I was relaying this bit of opinion to my awesome coworker and she laughed at me. "The male anatomy grosses you out and you are a married woman? Really?" And so I had to clarify, it is not the male anatomy. It was this male's anatomy. Hello young German kid, it's called "manscaping." Look into it.

  • Tried something totally new and yummy this week. Jalapeno lemonade. I know, sounds disgusting. But it was dee-lish. It's a home made concoction made up by my coworker The Boy. And if there was any left I would mail it to each and every one of you.

  • I've been in a funk about my wardrobe lately. But this week I was searching my disgusting pig sty of a closet for some different shoes to wear to work and I found the cutest pair I completely forgot I had. I love how shoes make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I was so happy I actually Twittered about it. Now if I could just find that million dollars I forgot about...

  • And finally, I am asking for advice. I need a new book to read. Any ideas or suggestions? And please, nothing with vampires! (I'm lookin' at you Stacey!)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!


The Pretty Side of Sarcasm said...

Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult. All of her books are great, but this was my fave :)

~Chris~ said...

That lemonade sounds delish!
The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon.

Gladys said...

"Silent in The Sanctuary" and "Silent On The Moors" by Deanna Raybourne or for a cute funny read try anything by Mary Kay Andrews. You can start with Savanah Blues and work your way through. Also and too if you haven't read The Shack for something spiritual.

chandy said...

Have you read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon? They are wonderful. And, there are 6 books, with another one coming out in September, so you wouldn't need anything new to read for a long, long time. I really love these books, but they are most definitely very R rated.

OR, you could join our book club!!

DevilsHeaven said...

I laughed like a baby seal @ "manscaping". LMAO!!!!!!

The movie sucked, but the book was amazing, Anne Boynle. I don't remember who it was by, a woman.
Great help, I know.

Sue said...

Have you read "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follett? It's really long, something like 900 pages, but a GREAT story.

By the way, I loved The Reader too. Kate was awesome!

Karen R said...

Heard The Shack was really good. I'd also recommend I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. Pretty intense, but one of those books that sticks with you. Oh - and I heart Jamaica, come to mama! LOL

Stacey said...

You know, vampires are your friend.

Read "Follow the River" by James Alexander Thom. Super good.

Or try "The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters" by Elisabeth Robinson.

kristen s said...

You know, it just goes to show what a good actress Ms. Winslett is if she was able to keep it together during filming with a guy who seriously needed to mow his lawn. I wonder what went through her mind the first time he dropped trou and she saw that he'd been walking around with Borat in his pants? I bet she chanted the dollar amount she was being paid for the movie over and over silently in her head. That's what I would have done. I haven't seen the movie yet, but thanks for the heads up. Suddenly I have the Welcome Back Kotter theme song stuck in my head......huh... wonder why?

And the tea bag thing? COME ON! I would have had just as hard a time keeping myself together. Was anyone else around when she said this? Did they get the giggles too? That reminds me of the time I had to relay a message to my boss from a guy named -- ready for this? BILL BONER. I tried...really I did... to say it without cracking up, but I ended up ruining my mascara that day too. I'm sorry, but if your name is Bill Boner, you should NOT be leaving messages for people to have to pass on. Doesn't he know he's putting people's jobs in jeopardy?

Anonymous said...
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