Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Budget Cuts

So Ubes and I had The Budget Talk this weekend. I hate that talk, don't you? And really it was mostly him talking and me listening and nodding and saying things like "I know, you're right." and "I guess I don't need to buy both chocolate milk and white milk for the kids." and "Oh no! I would rather do without electricity than limit the amount of texts I can send or receive."

Sigh. So yeah. Good times.

So The Budget Talk has resulted in me skipping my morning trip to Sonic. For two whole entire days in a row. Oh diet coke with vanilla, how I miss you.... I have also been taking my lunch to work. Which I don't enjoy. For several reasons. First, food from your house just doesn't taste as good as food from somewhere else. Right? I don't know why but my sandwiches just don't have the same level of deliciousness as those at Paradise Bakery. And they don't come with a warm and gooey fresh baked cookie either.

Secondly, (which is kind of moot because I think I just made the most valid point in the paragraph above, ie, fresh baked cookie) eating lunch at work means not leaving the building. Which means you are still in the building. Which means if someone needs you for anything . . . they can still find you.

Exhibit A

"Where's April?"
"She's at lunch."


"Where's April?"
"She's in the break room eating a lean cuisine."

See what's happening here? I am still accessible. Which means, I AM NOT REALLY TAKING A LUNCH. And before I know it I am no longer alone in the break room reading my book and choking down formerly frozen fettuccine, but I am surrounded by coworkers asking about my weekend and where I got my super cute shoes and what's the grace period for CD rollovers and crap like that. I mean I know I am totally fun and live this super awesome exciting life, but come on! Let me enjoy my sodium filled, definitely lean but not even close to cuisine ALONE!!

(And I know what you are thinking, but I don't want to be that weird girl who eats lunch in her car. I'm afraid of that girl. I mean, what is she doing in there? Plus it's no longer in the budget for me to waste gas idling for a half hour with the A/C on.)

Third, the microwave at work makes weird noises. What kind of weird? Well, I fully expected my food to be green and glowing from unhealthy levels of radiation, that kind of weird. And don't even get me started on how dirty the inside of it is. And we all know how I feel about that.

So the only thing enjoyable about taking my lunch to work is my adorable Vera Bradley lunch tote. It doesn't make the food taste better, but it looks so cute swinging from my hand as I walk in the building.

Oh and the saving money thing is good too. Because I would rather stick needles in my eye than keep having The Budget Talk. The Budget Talk is never cute. No matter how you package it.


for a different kind of girl said...

We've had The Budget Talk a lot lately as we've been retooling our finances. I hate taking my lunch to work, too, because seriously, I just like to remove myself from work when I get the chance, but as soon as I sit down, I hear the keypad on the break room door go off and next thing you know, my time's up and I've been making small talk with the parade of people who have past through. I'm a reasonably social person, but just give me 30 minutes!

And a clean microwave. I'd probably talk for the entire time if we just had a clean microwave to warm up the food in!

Caitlin said...

Um....I, uh...I LOVE the budget talk.
I have often been known to initiate it.
Like yesterday.
I like crunching the numbers and seeing what's going where. I like feeling in control of what is going out and to where and what is necessary and where we can cut back so that we can save more for the wedding and the house and the honeymoon to Europe.
Um, also, I like doing this because I am afraid I am going to lose my job and we are about to buy a house and try and pay for a wedding and oh dear god please don't let me get laid off.
So, um...Yay budgets??

Stacey said...

Can Ubes give Scott the budget talk? I'm not sure that he understands what one is...

Kristi said...

Just had the Budget Talk today - hate it, but it's so necessary every once in a while. I always think of it like driving a car really fast, and The Talk jerks the wheel the other way so I'm (he's) going straight again instead of slightly to the shoulder.

DevilsHeaven said...

Our first budget talk resulted in me losing the DVR & Cable but him keeping the internet.
The second budget talk has resulted in an Excel sheet of where each and EVERY penny goes. And the comment that we'll be living in the basement this summer so we don't have to run the A/C as much.
I hate the budget.

chandy said...

I used to eat out for lunch pretty often, but I actually prefer taking my lunch to work now. Now every other Friday, Joel and I go out for lunch together, and it's more of a treat since I don't do it very often. I've been doing my bible study during lunch whenever I can as well. I take my leftovers or my sandwich out on to the patio and have my quiet time. (And if you want people to leave you alone and give you some peace and quiet for awhile, opening up a Bible is a sure fire way to achieve solitude! Most people will stay pretty clear of that!)

But I do need to cut down on my morning DCs. Let me know how that goes...

Karen R said...

I have been that weird girl eating lunch in her car! When we moved to Texas, it was the first time I was in a building without a cafeteria, plus there were no good restaurants around. So, I went to a shady spot in the back of the parking lot, rolled down the windows, and read my book while balancing my sandwich. Wasn't much fun, but it gave me alone time and prevented my boss from finding me in the break room. Oh yes he did.