Saturday, March 14, 2009


Is there anything better than a sunny, warm Saturday afternoon watching your eight year old play third base? Sitting in the bleachers, the sun at your back, a breeze in the air while your kid catches the ball and tags the base like he has been playing this game his whole life. The roar of the crowd and the overwhelming pride that consumes you as he slides into home, the ump calling him safe as he trots back to the dugout with the biggest smile you have ever seen.

Is there anything better than walking through the park with your daughter's sticky hand in yours as she tells you you are the best mama ever?

Is there anything better than an early Saturday dinner eating pizza and wings at your favorite family hangout (Ball Park Pizza at 75th Avenue and Thunderbird, deeeeeelish!) while your husband yells at the TV in hopes the college basketball players can hear him and will take his advice.

Is there anything better than a Saturday evening, driving home with the windows down and the radio on and the kids laughing and giggling in the back. Is there anything better than your husband taking your hand and kissing it as you share a smile over the day you have had and the family your love has created.

Is there anything better than a Saturday night, snuggling in front of movie, sharing a bowl of popcorn and putting the kids to bed a little early?

Is there anything better than a Saturday?


Caitlin said...

Um DUH, hello, it's called the Taco Bell drive through on Friday nights.

PS - Your darling little post here is not helping my crazed-out ovaries at all. Just FYI.

Mary said...

Love this post. We had a really great day as well. It's fun to see you verbalize what I was just thinking.:)

Stacey said...

Dude, I got a little verklempt. Give me a moment....seriously! What a great, great day for you.

Gladys said...

nope...nuthin better!

Trisha said...

Your Saturday sound WONDERFUL!

The Maid said...

I drove by your house on Saturday! ;) I had a bridal shower on Sat afternoon and thought great thoughts about my sweet friend as I drove by!

Glad you had a great day...hope you can follow it with great Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays this week. Great Friday would be pushing it. LOL

Love ya girl!
B - The Maid

Anonymous said...

No, there is nothing better. Thanks for the reminder!

Sue said...

Nope, absolutely nothing better.

(Except, maybe, just maybe, finding out that the lottery ticket you've got crammed into your ashtray with all of your change in it is a winner...I'm just sayin...)

Kristin said...

April... this post totally melts my heart. I'm so glad you "got it"! What a treasure... and what a beautiful life!