Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Saturday Post

Wow. Can you smell my breath?? Because I can and it is not good. I just ate chips and salsa. Yeah, I know. I have been binging a little lately. But it's okay because I think I might be coming down with a small case of bulimia. Okay that was a joke. And a bad one. Get over it. Are we ready to move on now??

So my mom was here all last week. Which could account for why I have been missing from blog land lately. I was really busy drinking wine spending time with her. And while she was here she spoiled us with her culinary talents. She made homemade salsa. And spaghetti sauce. And the most delicious halibut that I could not eat because I am allergic. But I still had a small taste. Or two. Or three. And then itched like crazy the rest of the night. Dude, what is up with that?? Why can't I be allergic to something yucky like broccoli? Or lamb? But no, it's this delicious flaky white fish that melted in your mouth and caused you to make noises you normally don't make while eating dinner.

Moving on....

It was nice having my mom as a house guest, even if she hadn't cooked and cleaned and taken care of the babies for us. It's funny how no matter how old you get, there are times in your life when you just need your mama. And I did need her this week.

I'm a lucky girl.

And I am considering all of your generous advice about my FB debacle. And Uberman is very thankful to all of you who agreed I need to hit ignore on the old friend.

And speaking of Uberman.... Big announcement!! Are you ready???

Really, are you sure???

Uberman has started a BLOG!!!

(thunderous applause)

I know! How exciting. But he is not ready for me to link him yet. He is not ready to come out of the blogging closet, so to speak. So you just have to be patient. But soon, dear friends. Soon.

Now we just have to work on my good friend Kristen S. Because she is HILARIOUS!!! And you all would read her blog, wouldn't you??

Stay tuned....


Gladys said...

I love going to visit my daughter and spoiling her and Miss Priss. I'm glad you had fun with your Mom. So now get to writing!

Kristi said...

Aren't moms the greatest? They are the only ones who take care of us when we become moms - Lord knows our husbands and kids don't exactly know what they're doing in that department!

Tell Uberman to get over himself and let you post the link already!!!

Trisha said...

Moms are the best houseguests in the world - especially when they cook for you! Also, isn't it nice to have an adult relationship with Mom instead of that old "teenage" one?

for a different kind of girl said...

I need me one of those moms who comes around and helps and who definitely cooks and nourishes our souls! Dang! If you were to go to my mom's house and open her fridge, you'd find one thing of string cheese, some old yogurt, a bag of baby carrots and 8 billion bottles of green tea. I need a chocolate cake mom!

Glad you had a good visit. I definitely won't mention the salsa breath, because I'm jealous! :)

The Maid said...

Tell your mom next time to watch her back at Bunco. None of this winning at LRC crap and then just leaving us without even a homemade dessert.


PS - I did think she was funny at Bunco when she called you a prude. The funny thing is that is a GREAT's should want that for their daughters! :)

Maybe if you got a stripper pole in your bedroom...

Thanks for sharing her with us...I think all our moms should come to Bunco sometime! :)

kristen s said...

April, I might just be willing to start a blog of my own about how much I love your mom's cake. I still remember the one she made for Mattie's shower. Mmmmmmmm... oops, I think I just drooled on my keyboard. ME WANT MORE CAKE!!! Please make your mom move here and start a bakery. Thank you.