Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hunko Drunko Bunco


The Queen is not herself today... She's recovering from all the um . . . merriment from the evening before. The merriment that was known as Hunko Drunko Bunco.

Let me just give y'all a little background info to get you caught up. I'm in a Bunco group with 15 other friends. We get together once a month to eat, gossip, laugh, make fun of each other, scream "Woo Hoo!", high five, fist pound, and play a dice game for money. It's awesome.

So we thought it would be fun to add the husbands for our Christmas Bunco, hence the "Hunko" part. And then some genius thought since we were adding the husbands, why not cocktails?? And Hunko Drunko Bunco was born. And as soon as I can remember whose idea it was to have the cocktails, I am kicking that chick's ass. Oh, wait... Ummmmm... I think it was my idea.... Anyhoots, moving on.

Is it just me or is the typing noise from my keyboard really, really loud today??

So where was I?? Oh yes, Hunko Drunko Bunco. It was wonderful. We had the best time. Everyone. Well I guess I am technically speaking for everyone, but yeah, everyone had a good time. I was a little worried about the husbands. Some of them didn't know each other and you know how guys are, right? Sometimes if they don't know people they tend to be a little quiet. A little shy. A little tentative.

But I forget that these men are married to 16 of the LOUDEST, CRAZIEST, most fun women in the world. Needless to say, they all got along beautifully. And once we pried them out of Uberman's sweet man cave, they all caught onto the game very quickly. Because as you know, there is so much skill required when playing bunco. That was a joke. I realize I'm a little off tonight. Just go with it, okay?

Seriously, this keyboard is so flipping loud tonight. What do you do to fix that? Anyone??

Nevertheless, I am so happy the evening was such a huge success. I was happy to see all my girls are married to such wonderful, charming and handsome men. And I am not just saying that because many of them read this blog. Oh no, I am totally not a suck up. But did I mention how handsome these men were?? And funny?? And witty and intelligent??

I am totally looking forward to doing this again next year. Except this time, without the peppermint martinis. And margaritas. And Strongbow cider. And beer.

I need some Tylenol. And a nap.


Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I'm surprised you REMEMBER last night, my friend.

You forgot to mention the Jell-O shots. And that naughty version of a Shirley Temple you made for me and Brooke.

Last night was a BLAST. And I vote it's at your house again next year.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

HEY! I just noticed your new template. Very festive...I love it!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

So how did you get started playing bunco? That would be a fun way for my friends and I to get together but I've never played and don't know anyone that has a group.

Becky said...

Can I get a whoop whoop for Cinco de Hunko Drunko Bunko? I mean once a year isn't enough...for those of us who had to stay sober! (Darn breastfeeding infant!)

Thanks for the memories.


Chris H said...

EARPLUGS chick, earplugs!!! (for the loud keyboard noise) Glad you all had a blast!

for a different kind of girl said...

Why wait until next year!? How about ringing in the new year with another round (so to speak) of this fun event!?

Karen R said...

Not only does it sound like a ton of fun, but how many people have 15 girlfriends that commit to meeting once a month? You're one lucky girl. Sounds like you kicked off the season with a bang!

DevilsHeaven said...

Strongbow Cider? I like you more and more April.
Water, sister girl, DRINK TONS of Water, that's why you have a headache, your brain is in need of water.
F is like that, he gets all quiet because, "nobody talks to me."
sigh, men.

Coffee Bean said...

That sounds like so much fun!!!

chandy said...

For future reference, I find the best cure for a hangover is either to sweat it out with a run, or eat a big bean burrito from Filiberto's. But my brother swears beer is the only cure...

Gladys said...

Yeah you get to an age where you think you should know better but you don't. ;) I have never played bunco. My sister has a big bunco group but I don't have a clue. Sounds like fun though.

WILLIAM said...

Hi April