Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Q & A (Part I)

Wow, you guys really blew me away with your questions. That I did not beg for, contrary to what Uberman says. Whatev, Ubes. (Love the new nickname Caitlin!)

I warn you, there were quite a few questions. Some of you got a little carried away (Kristen, Lisa). So we are going to split the questions into two posts. But they will still be pretty long. I'll wait a minute while you grab a snack and delicious cold beverage. Go ahead.

Take your time.

No really, it's okay. We've got plenty of time.

Jeez louise, are you ready yet? What are you doing, waiting for the ice to freeze? Let's go!

Okay, comfy?

All righty then.

Caitlin and Chris H. ask:

What is your favorite colour?

Well girls, this is a tough one. It totally depends on what we are talking about. I am really partial to reds and pinks, but I also love any shade of chartreuse green. My family calls this color April Dawn green because it is my signature cullah. (Mah cullahs are blush and bashful.)

Caitlin also asks:

April, why are you so awesome?

I honestly do not know. Many people have pondered this very question with me. It is a gift. I believe God gave me a little extra sprinkle when he made me. Blew a little pixie dust on me I guess. But it can also be a curse. People have really high expectations when you are consistently awesome. It can be exhausting.

Because you and Uberman have such weird food allergies, do any of your children suffer from strange allergies as well?

Although none of the kids have any food allergies (yet), unfortunately Junior is plagued with pollen allergies and asthma, inherited from both his parents. He is also allergic to cats. Boo is allergic to penicillin. But Mac is not allergic to anything so far. I am going to blog about what this kid eats one day. Stomach of steel and pretty impressive.

What are this week's winning lottery numbers?

4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42.

How many states and countries have you visited?

I LOVE to travel! I am lucky enough to have been to 7 countries (US, Canada, Mexico, England, France, Germany, Austria) and 19 states (Oregon, Washington, California, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Illinois, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida).

I am dying to see the rest of the world!

Chris H. also asks:

What human trait do you dislike the most?

I hate it when people are two-faced. If you don't like me, fine. Don't be nice to me and then talk crap about me behind my back. I'm a grown up, I don't feel the need to be friends with everyone. I also don't enjoy people who feel they are superior. We are all made the same. We all have feelings. Just because you have more money or better hair or lighter skin or whatever, you are not better than anyone else. You're just a bigger douche.

Do you prefer boys to girls, and why?

Um, I am not sure what you are asking here Chris. So I will say that when it comes to love, I prefer boys. Men really. My man especially, wink wink. And if you are asking about kids I will tell you that I love my boys and I am proud to be a mom of boys. I am finding that my boys are easier now that they are getting older. I don't feel like I have to watch over them every moment in fear they are going to burn the house down. On the other hand, I am so thankful I was blessed with a daughter. I love shopping for her and taking her places and reading People magazine Fancy Nancy books to her. I like that I have a girl to pal around with, I can relate to her. But now that she is getting older, I am finding her more difficult. She has her own opinions and some times we don't see eye to eye.

If you could turn the clock back what would you do differently?

My biggest regret is that I didn't finish college. Of course I wouldn't be where I am today if I had, but I wish I had a degree. And I will, some day. I have promised myself I will finish and I know I will follow through.

Kristen S. and Trisha ask:

Where did you meet Uberman? How did he ask you out (or did you ask him) and how did he propose?

Uberman and I met when we were 15. Well, I was 15, he was 14. We met at a church function. He was best friends with a boy in my youth group who I was completely infatuated with. I thought I was going to marry that boy. Of course, I hated Uberman when I met him. I thought he was stuck up and obnoxious. And he totally was. Fast forward four years, by now we were friends. I was no longer infatuated with the best friend. And one day things just changed. I said something witty and intelligent (or just really, really stupid) and Uberman laughed so hard. He has the greatest laugh, it's totally contagious and he is kind of known for it. Our middle son has inherited it. But anywho, when he laughed I just looked at him differently and it was like this light went on over him. And that was it. Of course, I asked him out first. If I hadn't we would still be just friends. He proposed to me one night after we had been dating four years. It was at a park under the stars, and very sweet. That boy who introduced us was our best man and he and Uberman are still best friends to this day. I made the right choice.

Kristen S. also asks:

Who is your favorite Hardy Boy?

There is only one answer to this question. Shaun Cassidy. Da doo run run run da doo run run.

What celebrities are you told you resemble?

Kristen, I know you know the answer to this. You've heard me gripe about it for years. I have been told I look like Lynda Carter (not bad, I totally want to be Wonder Woman), Boy George (God help me but I can see it) Shannen Doherty (a psycho), Lucy Lawless (Um, not even!), and Delta Burke (Good Lord). In all honesty, I guess I do resemble Delta Burke. A younger Delta hopefully. Several years ago someone told me I looked like Rosie O'Donnell. Sadly, that person has gone missing.

What is the recipe for your favorite salad?

I just emailed this to Caitlin, how weird! I am going to post it Wednesday. You are welcome!

What is your favorite car you have ever owned?

Of course I am going to say my slut red 1993 Mazda Miata. OMG I loved that car. I talked my way out of sooooooooo many tickets in that thing. It was the best car ever. Until I wrecked it and Uberman made me trade it in for a Honda Accord. Something about my safety and blah blah blah. Sigh. I miss my Barbie dream car.

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Oh wow. I have to pick just one? Well, there's the time I grabbed a total stranger's drink at the movies, totally thinking it was mine since we were sitting next to each other. Uberman will swear to this day that I took a drink of it but I didn't. But then again, neither did the guy after he saw me put it back in his cup holder. Sheesh, I am turning red just writing about this.

There's also that time you are very familiar with, when you and I were emailing at work about someone (a manager, no less) we mutually despised and I inadvertently forwarded our bitchy comments to the ENTIRE department. Yeah. That was a sticky situation. Thank you for forgiving me by the way.

Have you ever won anything cool?

I won $300 playing bingo in Vegas. Does that count? I know, who plays bingo in Vegas? Long story.

Do you like your toe nails?

Um, yeah I guess. When they are painted I think I have pretty feet. No seriously. I should take a picture of them and post it. Except not right now. I am in desperate need of a pedi.

Do you know dogs and bees can smell fear? Did you know the human head weighs 8 pounds? Did you know my neighbor has rabbits?

Yes, I had heard rumors of all of these things. Did you know Tom Cruise is a psycho? Did you also know that kid who played the hockey player's son, the one who flips him off, is Drake Bell? Did you also know this is the second time I have mentioned Drake Bell in my blog and who knows what kind of freaky Google searches are going to lead people here now? I'm scared.

Well folks, thank you for playing. More Q & A tomorrow. Which is not the same as T & A. That's a totally different blog but the title is very similar.


Trisha said...


I am so glad that people asked you a lot of questions. Your answers are so fun to read!

kristen s said...

Shaun Cassidy, April? Really? I sooo preferred Parker Stevenson. We could have gone on a double date and totally not gotten pissed at each other!

I realize I know the famous people you've been told you resemble, but I thought all of your faithful readers deserved to know too, and it just cracks me up how fired up you get because you are so very beautiful. Rosie O'Donnell? I DON'T think so.

You're also so very lucky that you like your toenails. Mine are deformed. I'm embarassed to get a professional pedicure and have only had one ONE time when my MIL forced me to go with her. I swear those women made fun of me in their native tongue the entire time. Sadly, I just have to paint my toenails myself and make the best of the weird little nubs that I have. If they sold Lee Press-On Toenails, I would totally buy them.

And yes, I know Tom Cruise is a psycho, which makes me so sad because I used to love him almost as much as I love Chris O'Donnel. Damn Scientology. Rotting cute boys brains for no good reason. How rude.

Kristi said...

I'm so with you on Shaun Cassidy. But, dude, Parker Stevenson was a close second - especially as they got older. sigh....

Anywho, that was fun to read April! Have a great day.

Sue said...

Great answers to some really fun questions! I can't wait to read the next installment!

DutchMac said...

Ok, so this isn't really a comment on this post, but I'm now going to answer a question that you left on MY blog. Fair enough?

My darling son has exactly the kind of accent you'd expect with an American mom, British dad, and living in Holland ..... pretty freakin' jacked-up. I swear I hear more British in him, but Brits hear American. Then again, Brits never could figure out where I was from (people guessed South African, Norwegian, even Dutch!) and when I go back to the States, people ask me where I'm from. Sooooo, MY accent no longer has a true home, either. It's all so very confusing.

Just some examples of LC mixed-up voice....

1. Dad - Daaaad, just like Simba on Lion King. Very American.
2. Father - Fah-wah and is very uppity, rich, snooty British.
3. Mother - Muvva - lower class, EastEnd cockney London (think SuperNanny)
4. Water - Woh-tuh, typical British
5. Can - Can, just as any other American voice
6. Can't - Cahn't, totally British

And as for his Dutch? Heaven only knows what kind of accent his Dutch has. I'll have to ask one of my native Dutch friends. (you know how you can tell if a foreigner learned English from a Brit or American? I'm sure his Dutch has a similar twang of some form)

How was all THAT for an answer?! Someday I'll blog some video of him speaking, then maybe I can ask a wider audience their opinion on it.

Oooooohhhhh, the wheels in my brain are spinning now .......

Caitlin said...

GOD I loved this post. Mostly because of how much you talked about me. But also! Also! I love the story of you & Ubes. It was Ubetastic.

Please to post video/audio of said laugh.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I am SO glad you finally solved the "why are you so awesome" mystery. Well, not really solved it, but addressed it.

The world may never know...just like the mystery of the Tootsie Pop...