Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can He Fix It? Yes He Can!!

My computer died on Sunday. Yes, I know. Thank you for your sympathies. First my bra and now this. It's been a rough couple of weeks.

I was typing an email to my good friend Kristen S. Who I would assign an alias, but when she comments she is Kristen S. Anyhoozers, I am typing her an email, probably begging her again to start her own blog, and poof, Blue Screen of Death. Yes, it's really called that. Look it up. So basically, my hard drive is corrupted. Whatever that means. And I need a new one.

But the good news is, my Uberman can fix anything. No really. I keep him around because he is so handy. And he makes the best steak you will ever eat. And he's pretty hot. So there you go. So he is working on my computer as I type this. Which I am typing on his computer. Which is new and fancy and way cooler than my computer. Maybe he'll trade me? Probably not.

But what would I do without my Uberman? My best friend. The guy who fixes stuff. And lifts heavy things. And knows everything about computers and electronic thingamajigs. He's pretty awesome. And he's trying to fix my computer quickly because he knows I am going to hog his until it is fixed. Dude, we are at the beginning of NaBloPoMo here. There's no time for messing around with blue screens of death.

Hey! Maybe Uberman will do a guest post this month?? Wouldn't that be fun?? So I need all of you reading this to tell him in the comments how much you would love to hear from him.

I'll leave y'all with that for now. I am going to go use my persuasive skills to get him to agree to guest post. And when I say persuasive skills, I mean bake him cookies. Get your minds out of the gutter people. William, I am looking at you.

Peace out.


kristen s said...

OMG! I am so honored to be mentioned in your blog! Now I want to know what you were emailing me about. I'm sure it wasn't about me starting my own blog because we KNOW I don't have time for such things. Plus, like I've said before, I simply can't compete with The Queen :) Also, no need to give me an alias (unless you want to lie and call me your totally cool Heidi Klum look-alike friend or something.... just an idea)

ANYHOO -- Yes, Uberman must do a guest post! I've heard lots and lots of stories about Uberman over the years, but I haven't actually heard anything from the man himself (well, at least since you and I worked together OVER A DECADE AGO...and even then I think it was only once), so it's high time. Uberman, I order thee to bow to the Queen and write a guest blog post. Pretty please?

Caitlin said...

Kristen - Oh, suck it up and start blogging.
(I know your real name and will reveal it if necessary! Don't make me do it!)
(Okay I would never. But you better.)

Uberman - Oh, suck it up and start blogging.
(I know your real name and will reveal it if necessary! Don't make me do it!)
(Okay I would never. But you better.)

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

Dude - the king needs to be heard. That's my vote for a guest post!

Practically Joe said...

Dear Mr. Uberman

Please be a guest blogger for April.
That's the person ... I'm not asking that you blog for the whole month of April.
Just once ... this month.
You can be in April's Reign.
I don't mean you'll be getting wet in an April rain storm ... again ... I mean be a guest on the blog "Aplil's Reign.

Practically Joe
(I'm really Joe ... I just use Practically Joe so nobody knows who I really am ... clever, huh?)

for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah for guest posting! Maybe suggest he write about how well he fixes things,then I'll have my husband read it, because, honestly, around here, we walk around singing, "Can he fix it? Well...maybe...I mean, it'll take awhie, but I suppose we could see..."


DevilsHeaven said...

Blue screen of death is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, I hope he fixed it, but if you get a new compter out of the deal, maybe it's not so bad?

Trisha said...

I too have faced the blue screen of death and, unfortunately, it has beaten me. I think it is invincible and a new computer is the only solution. Hopefully, Uberman fixed your computer without the need for an entire new system - that can really disrupt things!

Stacey said...

Good Lord, after reading that title, for a minute there I thought you were meaning Obama....

WILLIAM said...

Replace the C in Cookie with N