Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Hello Friends. It's 11:20 PM. Ubes and I just got home from a fun night out with friends. Old friends. The best kind of friends. The ones we have not seen in 14 years, but pick up right where we left off. Life is good.

I am full. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving yesterday, a delicious dinner tonight, and are now enjoying a quiet house with no kids. Except to be completely honest, we miss them. The house is missing something without their little loud voices echoing through the walls. But we know they are being loved and spoiled at Nana and Papa's house.

This was my first black Friday in 15 years where I was not up at the butt crack of dawn to begin my Christmas shopping. Oh no. Instead I was working. It's rough being a professional killer. Your schedule is not your own anymore.

I did however, still manage to acquire a few good deals today. First, Ubes was able to find a Razor electric scooter for Junior at a bargain basement price (while I made sure our health insurance premium was paid up to date). Second, I made a new friend. Ubes' childhood best friend, our former best man, has a new girl. She's lovely. I wish he had met her the first time around and avoided all that nonsense with that other woman he married ten years ago. Oh well, you live and learn. Third, I just finished off a bag of Snyders Pretzel Dips. Dear Lord. Talk about divine... And finally, there's a rerun of Kimmel tonight, my boyfriend is on talking about his movie. OMG. He's so dreamy. Next life, we are so hooking up.

So that's the excitement of my day. I'm going to bed. Looking forward to tomorrow. Hope you all had a nice Turkey Day with lots of food, family and friends. Catch you on the flip....

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Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I just read your Christmas To Do List...I may steal that one from you! The Family Man is one of the only movies I it! And I know you're already dropping a wad of cash on Hunko Drunko Bunko, but I think you should make the mysterious-sounding "Wonder Mix" for all 15 of your party guests as well. A party favor! No? Oh, okay. At least share the recipe.