Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where is the love, ladies??

All right, let's talk. Something is really bugging me and I want to get it off my chest. So do I have your full attention here? Okay.

Why is it that we women as a species are so brutally hard on each other? I seriously do not get it. I want someone to explain it to me. Why are we so threatened by one another? Why do we feel the need to be so critical of other women? I am surrounded by this on a daily basis. Women criticizing other women, behind their backs most of the time, for the way they eat, dress, behave professionally or otherwise, parent their kids, treat their husbands, clean their houses, etc.


And I am taking a stand. Right here and right now. I will not be a part of this behavior anymore. (Unless it involves talking about celebrities, and then it is totally okay, wink wink.)

One thing I am so thankful for as a woman, is my ability to connect with other people, mostly women. I really think that women forge deeper friendships because we are naturally more emotional. And men, you are welcome to argue with me about this. I am not saying everyone, I am saying in general.

But at the same time, we women are so much more cruel than men. Women can be so good to each other, and also so very evil. Are you following me here, people??

Let's stop tearing each other down. Let's stop all the judging, the back biting, and all around bitchiness. Lets just get along. Let's break the cycle of Mean Girls for the sake of our daughters. Okay?? Because really, isn't it so much easier to be nice?

Because who really cares if the girl you work with dresses a little skanky? Maybe she thinks she looks good. Maybe she is comfortable. And what's it to you if your friend feeds her kid McDonald's twice a week. Maybe this is how she is getting by right now. And how is it any of your business if your cousin's neighbor's sister's daughter's teacher snaps at her husband too much. Maybe it will remind you to be nicer to your husband as an example to others. And how does it hurt you if a certain blogger you know really sucks at keeping up with the laundry folding and forgot to mop her floors for a month. Maybe her microwave is super clean and her families clothes are ironed and you didn't even know it.

Maybe those women we are talking about and turning our nose up at need our support, our encouragement, our understanding. And NOT our judgement.

Because we have all been there. We have all made bad choices. We have all yelled at our families in moments of frustration. We have all looked the other way when we were too exhausted to deal with something. We have all committed fashion faux pas. We have all eaten that second, third or fourth cookie. We have all had moments where we acted or reacted unprofessionally. Because guess what?? We are human and we all make mistakes.

So can we stop the madness please? Can we stop acting like such wretched hags and give each other a flipping break??

Are you with me?? Okay, come on. Group hug.

Oh I feel so much better.

Please note - before any of you ask - No, this had nothing to do with you or anything you said or did or anything I may have heard you said or did. This is a random and general observation about the behavior of women and how we can be so awesome, yet suck so much at the same time. Mmmmkay? Love you all!!


Caitlin said...

Just when I thought it wasn't possible to love you any more...

PS - Is there something wrong with eating 4 cookies? I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

Seriously - women are catty. What's that about? And I'm with 4 cookies bad? What about 6 and a half?

Accidental housewife said...

Until we start treating ourselves with respect no one else will. I hate when women refer to one another as "bitch" or to themselves as one. I hate when women demean themselves. This is so destructive the our children. We are teaching them to devalue themselves.

chandy said...

Amen! Can I be your friend?

(And I'm the one who ate the 5th, 6th, and 7th cookies...and then washed them down with a couple glasses of wine)

for a different kind of girl said...

Sadly, I've watched women and mothers in situations and it feels like they're sizing each other up, unleashing some competitive nature. It's sad. We don't know what's going on behind the doors of that other woman's house, so it's unfortunate we just can't operate as we are. Well, I mean, we can. We just have to.

WILLIAM said...

I blame Eve. Really. The serpent said "eat that apple" and she said "how many calories does it have?" and the serpent said, "just 10 that is all", and then she said "does this fig leaf make me look fat?" and the snake said "no. But that apple there will reduce the cellulite in your body." and Eve said "really?" and the snake said "eve if you don't eat this apple some other women will come along and eat it and she will not have cellulite and then Adam may find her more attractive."

And then Eve ate the apple.

April said...

Guilty! Guilty! Yes, I'm guilty of doing ALL of this. Why? I don't really know...I think we blame and hate on each other to make what we do wrong not seem so bad. Maybe I'm wrong.

Of course, I can't imagine NOT talking about my neighbor down the street who comes up to my hubby and explains (in full detail) about how she might be pregnant even though her husband "didn't finish" b/c their 3 year old interrupted...TMI!!!! OMG, TMI!!

BTW, I got my rug you loved so much (HA) from Walmart, of all places. :)

Coffee Bean said...

I get such a kick out of you! I generally don't do/say those kinds of things but, well, I do think them... and... I usually will tell one trusted friend what I really think about other people but I usually feel bad when I do. After laughing our butts off first, of course.

kristen s said...

You saw me eat the cookies, didn't you? Just a moment ago... right before I pulled up your blog. What? I was 'testing' them (all three) to make sure they were okay to give the rest of my family. It was done out of love. Come to think of it, I may need a fourth to know for SURE if they taste as good as I intended. I've already forgotten if the other three were good or not.

And yes, women are wretched, haggy bitches to each other. It starts VERY early. I've been much better about it since my daughter entered the wonderland we call middle school. THAT is where this behavior truly takes root. Watch for 3 minutes, and you'll actually witness girls talking to each other, then whispering and pointing behind the backs of the people they were just talking to! It almost makes me want to home school... until my daughter gets back home and tells me how lame I am and how I don't know anything about ANYTHING. Then I don't feel quite so bad for her anymore and I just go self medicate with -- I mean TEST more cookies.

Stacey said...

So, do we have to stop at four cookies? Depressing...

You just summed up my reasons for never wanting to attend a single high school reunion. MEAN GIRLS SUCK! Mean girls are miserable and for some reason they have the ability to make most of us miserable as well. And that's just not fair.

Becky said...

I want to know why William blames eve, when it was the stupid serpent that deceived her? Hmmm....

And why was it that Adam wasn't man enough to stand up to Eve and not partake of that blessed apple too?

You see, this may not seem relevant, but I know that before the fall of man there were no such things a calories! LOL

The only blessing I suppose is that since Adam and Eve became aware of what nakedness was...we don't have to look at the mean girls naked!

Hang in there...from one mean girl to another. LOL

The Maid