Friday, October 3, 2008


Uberman: Who is downloading Tim McGraw songs?
Me: Me. I love Tim McGraw.
He: Since when?
Me: Since always. I like it. I love it. I want some more of it. Where have you been?
He: Well that sucks. Now iTunes thinks I like country.
Me: So? What do you care what iTunes thinks?
He: What the hell? Why does iTunes think I would like Cheetah Girls songs?
Me: What?
He: iTunes. It thinks I would be interested in Cheetah Girls songs!
Me: Why?
He (reading): "Uberman, based on your previous purchases we thought you might also enjoy the sound track - Cheetah Girls: One World." (Turns to stare at me.)
Me: So?
He (Glares at me. Turns back to computer to glance through the list of previous purchases): Who is downloading the soundtrack to Camp Rock?
Me: Oh, that would be me.
He: (Exasperated) Why?
Me: For Boo. She wanted it.
He: Who is Drake Bell?
Me: You know, from Drake and Josh.
He: No. I don't know.
Me: Yeah you do. That show. On Nickelodeon. They're brothers. Or step brothers?? I don't really know. And I don't know which one of them belongs to the mom or the dad or the sister. Whatever. But I am pretty sure Josh had gastric bypass because have you seen him lately? He's totally skinny now. And kind of cute.
He: (Staring.)
Me: So yeah. Um, that's who Drake is.
He: He sings?
Me: Yeah, all the kids on those shows sing. Miley, Selena, Ashley, Miranda, Drake. They all sing.
He: Why are we downloading his songs?
Me: Oh, Mac wanted it.
He: Uh-huh. And what about the Jonas Brothers?
Me (blushing): Oh, that was for me. (Smile)
He: (Sighing, shaking head) And the soundtrack to High School Musical one and two?
Me: For Boo.
He (turning back to computer): Oh. My. God. It's also suggesting the soundtrack for Hairspray. (Puts head in hands.)
Me: Ooooh, I hear that's pretty good. (Singing, stretching arms wide) Good morning Baltimooooooooooorrrrre!
He: Great. iTunes thinks I'm gay.
Me (rolling eyes, shaking head): Noooo. At the very most it thinks you're confused.
Uberman: (Narrows eyes, stares at me)
Me: What?


Caitlin said...

LOVE this post. And I love you both, too. This sounds like a night in our house.

Kristi said...

aaaaanndddd that would be why I have my own laptop. That is EXACTLY how the convo would go in my house.

chandy said...

So is the soundtrack to HSM2 as good as HSM1? Not that I sing along with Troy and Gabriella in the car, even when the kids aren't with me or anything...cuz I don't...that would be lame...I was just wondering. (And if you want to meet up to see HSM3 when it comes out, let me know... :)

Becky said...

Don't the creators of HSM 3 know that everyone is broke...and now they make us pay movie theater prices on top of our cable/direct tv to see the dang show?


I'm protesting. And if I do go, well I certainly can't afford to take the kids.

The Maid

Stacey said...

Why can't you live closer to me? We are living the same lives, just 1200 miles apart.

OK, here's the scoop. I know because I read it on the internet. Josh swears he did NOT have bypass surgery. He was tired of being unhealthy and he hired a trainer and he eats good and exercises. Notice that when he snacks on the show, he'll have grapes or carrots now? He's promoting a healthy lifestyle. See, I figured he had the surgery too because he was so big and now he's so NOT big and pretty darn cute to boot. Ooo-that rhymes. Anyway, he's the dad's son and Drake is the mom's son. Drake is also Megan's brother. Which is totally confusing since she is now Carly as well.

However...Jonas Brothers???? I may know all about my favorite Nickelodeon shows, but I draw the line at strange teenage boys who have even stranger old man receding hairlines. I'm sorry, but those kids CREEP ME OUT.

Trisha said...

Tee hee! Your poor husband! However, since I don't believe that there is any actual human involvement in the suggestions from itunes, I believe that iTunes can't possibly really think he is gay. Then again . . . computers are getting pretty scary smart these days!

for a different kind of girl said...

Hilarious! I'm so all over the Jonas Brothers I actually went out and bought both CDs! My husband doesn't even ask. He just rolls his eyes.

Practically Joe said...

I'd be interested to know what TiVo thinks of Uberman.

*Note for Uberman*
Download a Johnny Cash song, a Frank Sinatra Song and a Black Sabbath song and that should clear up iTunes view of you.

Coffee Bean said...

Cough... ahem... Tim McGraw is quite possibly my Barry White. Mr. Macchiato loves to hear him playing, especially close to bedtime. Have you heard his version of Tiny Dancer?

DevilsHeaven said...

Oh yeah, if we had ITunes that's how our conversation would go too, except mine would also include, "You HAVE to stop wasting our money on these CRAP songs!"
So would say the MAN who has a Barry Manalow CD in his car.

Bogart in P Towne said...

Best post ever.