Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Her Royal Hawtness

Someone recently found my blog by using the search words "Queen April at April's Reign." Isn't that awesome? I am royally famous.

Or so I thought. Until I saw that someone else found my blog by searching "Diarrhea and cottage cheese poops." Um... What's up with that?

"Pantyhose catastrophes" I can understand. But stomach illness? I think I'm a little offended.

Not as offended as I was about the person who found my blog by searching "Zane Lamprey Douchebag." Lookie here Dude. Don't hate Zane. He's The Man. You wish you were Zane, okay? So hit the road. You are not welcome at this blog anymore.

I still occasionally get a few stragglers searching "Want some fries with that shake."

But my favorite of all time was from yesterday.

"Hot MILF Bloggers."

And there you have it, my friends. It's been officially declared. And we all know Google does not tell lies. Of course I would prefer it if people found me because of my thought provoking content and not my stunning hotness, but whatever. Hey you! Eyes up here.

Sigh. Now I know how Pamela Anderson must feel.


for a different kind of girl said...

Yeah! Welcome to the the hot MILF bloggers club! There's no secret handshakes, but maybe there should be. I should ask the people who find me searching for the above, and, um, 'hot monkey porn,' if they have any ideas!


Stacey said...

See, this is all going to your head. First you had the hot Senior Citizen hitting on you, and now you're considered a Hot MILF. Just promise me that this won't change you and you'll stay the same.

Chris H said...

I get found really easily! Diet Coke ... is very popular! So is the word "Bugger"!!! and 'itchy tits' LOL

Practically Joe said...

I don't get it?
You're a Hot Mother-In-Law-From Blogger?
What does that mean?

Roland Hulme said...

YAY! The world needs a new super-milf. Palin is SO last week.

WILLIAM said...

Milf it does a body good.