Monday, October 6, 2008

Dirty Sock Balls

I'm taking a poll.

How many of you sort the laundry and find those little bundled up balls of dirty socks? And how many times have you asked your rotten children to not throw the dirty sock balls in the hamper? How many times have you showed them how to un-bundle the sock balls while explaining how they will not get clean if they are washed like that and how you do not have the time to stand in front of the washer all night un-bundling dirty sock balls?? And how many times have you found the dirty sock balls late at night anyway and had to fight every impulse within your being to not rip your sleeping babies out of their cozy slumber and pelt them in the head with the dirty sock balls?

And how many of you are laughing because I said balls so many times? Focus people! I'm in crisis mode here.

And if your kids do their own laundry or your husband does all the laundry or you have no idea what a dirty sock ball is.... GO AWAY!


DutchMac said...

I'm TOTALLY there with you!

But I'm so cold-hearted, I don't care. So far I only have my great big child (sometimes referred to as a 'husband') who does this. He knows my laundry motto:


I can't even begin to count the hundreds (thousands) of mildly damp socks balls have found their way back into his sock/underwear drawer, all because I refuse to get worked up about it. When the repulsion at having to put on half-wet socks on a cold October morning gets too much, I suppose he'll finally learn his lesson.

Or not.


Stacey said...

I must suck. I just wash the dirty sock balls as they are and then dry them in their ball form. When they're clean I de-ball them. Maybe that's why most of Cole's socks have stripe stains on them??

I'm so lazy.

Oh - and if you hit one one of the little ingrates in the ear, you get two points.

DevilsHeaven said...

OH! I feel ya sister!! F does it ALL THE TIME. My mother beat it into my skull to "Shake out your socks!" They don't come clean and they DO NOT dry either!
I say don't wash them until they learn by having to wear dirty socks, ew.

kristen s said...

Ha ha, you said balls....(sorry, couldn't resist)

April, I feel your pain. My rotten little family either wads up dirty sock balls, or they go whole hog when they take their socks off and leave me with entire inside-out sock tubes...often times with a secret prize inside! You know, when you stick your hand into the sock to make it right side out again and there is either half a sandbox in there (1/4 of which is now embedded under your finger nails) or dried blades of grass that have become little spears and stab you under the finger nails and fall like rain onto all of the other laundry you are doing. Grrrrrrrr. It's an ongoing problem, and they are immune to my nagging. It's just nice to know I'm not the only one suffering.

Lousy. Little. Ingrates.

I plan to get my revenge when they have to take turns changing my adult diapers when I'm old and start soiling myself.... which really isn't that far away now that I think of it. Ha!

Revenge is sweet.

for a different kind of girl said...


I tell my kids that I will no longer wash their socks if they don't uncuff them and don't have them turned right-side-out. I drag them into the laundry room and demonstrate and then make them dig through the nasty whites to fix all their socks so they can be washed. Alas, it's the same old story a few days later when it's time for laundry.

Chris H said...

I. HATE. THEM. I REFUSE TO WASH THEM UNTIL THEY ARE UNRAVELLED. IT EVENTUALLY WORKS. Some are so disgusting I just throw them in the rubbish bin! IKKKKKY boys. IK IK IKK

Narm said...

I am 25, do my own laundry and have at least 3 sock balls in every load of laundry. I'd feel so alone without them at this point.

Becky said...

That is one pet peeve we share sister...I may not clean my microwave religiously as do you, but I could vomit while having to unravel those icky socks.

I refuse to voluntarily buy my kids tennis shoes in order to avoid socks all is flip flops or nothin! But...alas it is school season and that darn P.E. so we have sock balls once more.

Oh, and don't you hate it when they go outside in their brand new sparkly white socks without shoes? That is WHY we have those dumb dirty sock balls in the first place!

And lest I gross out the entire blog world...I will spare you the dirty underwear pet peeves! LOL

The Maid

Bogart in P Towne said...

Start sending them to school with dirty socks and I am pretty sure they will get the message.

WILLIAM said...

Sock Balls makes it sound like they are Male socks.