Friday, September 12, 2008


I have a GREAT story for you. This is not my story, but I have permission to tell it. And when I heard it, I knew you would love it. Are you ready? Okay!

My Auntie B is one of my best friends. She is only a few years older than I, so really not old enough to be my aunt. She is married to my hot uncle... We'll call him Hot Uncle. I know, gross. I mean he's not gross, he's hot! But gross for me to think my uncle is hot. Never fear, he's not a blood relative. He's just a guy, who happens to be in my family, and is hot. I know, weird. But hey, dysfunctional is in.

So anyhoo, Auntie B is GORGEOUS. Stunning. A former Miss (insert state here). She happens to own her own successful dance studio here in our state. And Hot Uncle owns his own business as well. The two of them were at a networking function, talking to other business owners, trying to promote their businesses, that sort of thing. Everyone was broken off into smaller groups talking and getting to know one another.

So this couple starts talking to Auntie B. We'll call them Friendly and Mrs. Friendly. They start off with some small talk about their own business, then ask if she came alone. Auntie B told them no, she came with her husband. Now Auntie B is one of those people that sees the best in everyone. She roots for the underdog, rescues stray animals, etc. She would give you the Pradas off her feet. Are you following me? And she's totally unaware of how chic and amazing she is. So she's kind of oblivious when someone is coming on to her. Including her 18 year old son's friends. But that's a story for another blog post.

So Friendly is being, well, um, friendly, and asking questions about Hot Uncle's business. He asks her where Hot Uncle is and Auntie points across the room to where Hot Uncle is mingling with a small group of men. Friendly and Mrs. Friendly follow her pointed finger and then turn and look at each other and smile. Mrs. Friendly nods. Friendly then says something about how nice it is she supports her husband and comes to functions like this with him. She tells him she is there to promote her own business as well. He seems surprised and asks her what kind of business she has.

She says "I own my own dance studio."
He says "Oh....." He and Mrs. Friendly exchange looks. Mrs. Friendly raises her eyebrows and smiles big. Auntie B is thinking "Oh good, they must have a daughter and are looking for a good place to put her in dance."

Friendly leans in closer to her. He looks around and then says quietly "Do you guys swing?" Mrs. Friendly leans in anxiously to hear her answer....

"No, I'm sorry," Auntie B says shaking her head with disappointment. "I only teach tap, jazz and ballet."

Have a great weekend Internets!


for a different kind of girl said...

Hilarious! What a perfect response! OMG!

My friend has a friend who just told her she was into swinging and wanted to know if my friend and her husband would be interested. Who knew it was so 'out there'?! (my friend said nope!)

Becky said...

No way.

Purple rock, blue lightbulb...what is it they do?

Anyway...that was great. And you know, I must not fall into the hot category, even remotely, because I have never been asked if I swing.

Darn it.

The Maid

PS - Not completely disappointed, as there are some things I still don't even like to do with my hubby. LOL

Book Girl said...

Ok, I know Auntie B and Hot Uncle, and I am dying over here!!!!

creative-type dad said...

Oh. My. God.
That's is hilarious!

Trisha said...

Too funny!

Just where was this networking thing at anyway? Your uncle and aunt didn't accidentally wander into the wrong meeting, did they?

Brenda said...

Oh My!! That little story just made my morning! Very funny. When do you start your new job?

Stacey said...

That rocks. I've never been asked if I swing, I mustn't be hot enough.

And I don't judge you for thinking your Uncle is hot. I think my brother in law is hot, so I'm just as much of a black sheep as you are. He's like H-O-T hot. And funny. And built. And....ok, this is getting inappropriate.

Jessie said...

Shocking and hilarious.

If I was ever approached, I'm afraid of my response. I might say something like, "Are you kidding? Isn't that a tad like adultery? Or orgies?" I might not be able to contain myself. I'll just have to go off.

Did your Auntie know what the Friendly's were talking about? Or was that a purely innocent response? Bless her.

Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...
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Katie @ 3 Blondes and a Redhead said...

I just deleted my comment - sorry about that. This story is hilarious! I live in such a's hard to believe people are so open about that. EW!

kristen s said...

EEeeeeeew! **shivers** If that ever happened to me (which it won't, because I'm definitely not hot enough) I'd have to go home and shower. Just knowing I had been in such close proximity to such icky-ness (yeah, it's a word) would send me over the edge.

Where DO these people come from?

aschmoel said...

Classic! Remember the story I told you last week about the people I know who do that? Perhaps it was them???!!! Either way, I'm going to start calling them the "Friendly's" from now on!

DevilsHeaven said...

OMG! That was great, I'm glad she said you could share that story. And her comeback was awesome!

Bogart in P Towne said...


Sue said...

That is a riot! I love it!